Become an XXL blanket in just 4 hours

Become an XXL blanket in just 4 hours

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We warn you: super thick knit blankets will be everywhere very soon. You could buy one of these beautiful, extra-comfortable blankets on Etsy for a few hundred euros or, better yet, you could make it yourself.

This popular guide Step by Step, created by Laura Birek, the blogger After Nocturnal Knits, it teaches you how to use PVC pipes as knitting needles to create this home accessory of about 130 cm. If you are familiar with the point, you can complete the entire project in less than four hours, according to Shareably.

This blanket will be beautiful at the foot of the bed, lying on a sofa or even hanging on a frame. It will also be an ideal gift for your friends and family next parties. Who is not going to fall in love with one of these blankets?

Do you want to try? Check out the full tutorial on Nocturnal Knits, or watch this video:

Via: Good Housekeeping US