How to take advantage of the house entrance

How to take advantage of the house entrance

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Hallways and hallways are transit areas in the house, but they must also be well decorated. Here we give you original ideas to make them more beautiful and take advantage of them.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Blank and turquoise

In this hall, pleasant and bright, a shelf of Leroy Merlin was placed that supports turquoise decorative objects, matching the enamel of Valentine that was given to the door. Underneath, metal hangers and the white bank Molger, from Ikea.

2 aligned photos

A simple wooden console, model Suki, from Habitat, with a shelf underneath, is useful for leaving keys, books, supporting a vase ... To decorate, a composition of black and white photos has been hung, aligned above.

3 Only with frames

Get an original hall, like this one, decorating the wall with a composition of empty frames! Choose them decorative and introduce some element only in one or two. The wooden console, from El Globo Muebles, and the trunk, from Aldaba.

4 Clear finishes

The walls in beige, very bright, and the furniture in natural wood give a Provencal air to this hall. The bench with drawers is from Aldaba and the shelves, from Ikea, as is the white carpet. Sandra Marques coat rack.

5 Mirrors to expand

A good idea to increase the sensation of space in a small hall is to place a mirror or a composition of them on the wall and a shelved shelf instead of a piece of furniture that would overwhelm the space. These are from Ikea.

6 With shelves

Here it has taken advantage of the corridor with a painted base and finished off with a shelf that runs through it, instead of the classic molding, and that will help you to place details. Add a valance to match the curtains, like these, Aquarelle model, by Casadeco.