Decorate with the items you collect

Decorate with the items you collect

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A good collector is not one who gathers endless things, keeps them in boxes and forgets them, but the one who values ​​them and as such, preserves them. The initial idea may not be to display them, but when done in style, the collection takes on a decorative value and stands out for its exclusivity.

I have five, are they already a collection? You could say yes and it will be safe, if you immediately feel the need to expand the number. You will already look for the best way: collecting fairs, forums, almonedas, markets, exchange, trips ... If the collection is made up of numerous pieces, which could saturate any space, then it should be rotated periodically. Those that are not exhibited, can wait their turn, together but not scrambled, in a suitable piece of furniture.

And if you create a catalog of your collection? It is what the most professional do. In tabs or spreadsheets, you can indicate how, where and when the piece arrived to you; its state of conservation, characteristics and value.

A collection for everyone. Children and adults Coins and stamps are the classics, at any age, but many collections began at an early age: key chains, badges, toys, pins, soldiers, marbles ... and they are still preserved. Collecting can also reach adulthood: fountain pens, thimbles, boxes, minerals, teaspoons, vitolas, labels, utensils and even salt and sugar sachets.

Advertising - Keep reading below Chic postcards

You start saving some for their sentimental value and then discover others with artistic illustrations. In your hand is to store them in an ideal box or form a collage. Set of 20 cards and envelopes (€ 12.80 approx. In An Angel at My Table).

Canvases made with old bags

Most of the objects that are collected can decorate an environment; you just need to find the ideal formula. Here, the fabrics of old sacks, of feed and flour, typical of rural America, have been stretched on racks to form an original composition. More options: movie posters, vitolas, labels ...

Show off your treasures

Contemplating your collection daily will make you happier. But in addition, the corner where you exhibit it will gain visual interest. A retro piece of furniture, like a showcase, is perfect. A plus, that its back is a mirror and its shelves are made of glass. Complements, Rice (from € 6.90 each).

Find the most suitable furniture for your collection

Objects with more value should be stored in optimal conditions, free of dust and safe from rubbing and bumps, in case and drawers
with compartments For the rest of the collections, look for ideas to display and show off! If you collect glasses or colorful utensils, an auxiliary wall shelf is perfect. Rice cups (from € 3.90 each).

The jewels of the family

Brooches, cameos, miniature frames, with portraits, drawings ... they have a special magnetism. With silk or velvet ribbons and pins on a stripped board they acquire a more refined air. Model Josephine in An Angel at My Table (€ 9.15 each).

Vintage buttons to decorate rings

The oldest decorated with diverse motifs distill elegance. Ideals will remain lit in fabrics, but they also look mounted on a vintage ring base. In (0,75 c / u) you will find similar to those in the photo, with filigree.

The art of writing

If you are passionate about stationery, the surprise factor in a collection of stationery and writing: bird feathers, with their inkwell. Majestic and evocative, they surely enhance a collection of fountain pens, letter openers, sealing stamps, ex libris, magnifying glasses ...