An open, fresh and chic apartment with naive touches

An open, fresh and chic apartment with naive touches

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Oscar Lanau

Manuela and Vicent wanted to change their way of life. His house had turned a thousand laps and they couldn't find the balance to enjoy it. The formal lack of definition of its spaces and a complicated distribution meant that each room did not obey its nature and that the relationship between them was not fluid.

Thus, the first challenge for the architect Ivan Gas was to design a distribution that would allow the spaces to open and generate visuals from the entire apartment, to give the feeling of greater amplitude.

The partition that separated the dining room from the living room was demolished and “the island” was built instead.

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The island is a small studio that appears and disappears through its wooden envelope. It is an exempt piece between the dining room and the living room that divides both spaces while acting as a rotor in its circulations.

Oscar Lanau Oscar Lanau Oscar Lanau Oscar Lanau

On the other hand, the kitchen opened to the dining room, and the partition of the corridor became a reticular wooden screen that lets the light through and generates a very interesting set of semi-transparencies.

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A cupboard was made along the entire wall It houses canned food and small jars, and all other cabinets enjoy the latest generation accessories to facilitate the best storage. “As we are lovers of the corners, at the bottom of the kitchen we design a small tavern, with a wooden bar, a hanging lamp and some retro tiles. A perfect space for breakfast or a glass of wine. ”

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The reform always looks to create counterpoints between the classic and the modern, between elegance and warmth, and between formal and carefree. It is these combinations that will ultimately generate this original eclectic aesthetic.

Plants appear everywhere to fill the house with life and move our minds to an old greenhouse. The botanical touches give this urban apartment, a small piece of nature in the middle of the city.

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With the dressing room he wanted to give a touch of glamor and it was done in pink.

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The combination of materials, integrated lighting and contemporary decoration is a fundamental part of the work to define every detail.

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The terrace was filled with aged wood and vegetation to create a relaxing space with style. The choice of furniture, the wooden screen with a vertical garden, the swing and indirect light conceive a very informal bohemian atmosphere.

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Place: Tortosa (Tarragona)
90 m2