10 narrow corridors decorated with great grace

10 narrow corridors decorated with great grace

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Who said you couldn't have a narrow and pretty hallway? We certainly do not!

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If you want a house with character, this blue hall will give you everything you need! Also, if you put a shelf for photos you will save a lot of space.

Pinterest: Sophie von Schönburg

With photos

You don't have room for a console? Then fill the walls with photos, for example, of the scenes of your favorite old movies ...

Pinterest: Yamile G. Israde

In art gallery plan

A narrow white corridor can look great with several shelves where you can display your favorite books.

Pinterest: Angela

Mini console

Being tiny and open, it is perfect to fit a narrow aisle!

Pinterest: Yolanda Ayerra

Golden details

A wooden shelf with golden details like this vase will give your hall all the glamor of the world. And don't forget the mirror!

Pinterest: Silvia Terol Villaluenga

An improvised bookstore

Narrow shelves but large enough to accommodate a whole collection of books.

Pinterest: Mariel Alexia E.


Black and white, two colors suitable for an elegant hall. And you will only need a console, a vase and some photo!

Pinterest: Designs For Home Decor


What will the Nordic style have that makes everything look so clean and pristine?

Pinterest: Nina Pietilä

Carpet protagonist

Instead of bringing attention to the walls, take it directly to the floor with a simple but beautiful carpet.

Pinterest: Icons Corner

And there was light!

If you don't have space to add furniture, place a row of lamps that cool, and voila!

Pinterest: Janet Yazigi


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