A complete reform with Mediterranean air

A complete reform with Mediterranean air

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This ground floor belongs to Eva and is located in Madrid, in the Ciudad Lineal area. Our reader fell in love with its location and possibilities to see it. It is a house built in 1970 but with great potential, the terrace to the living room, the backyard, the spaces, the light ...

I needed a comprehensive reform of both installations and coatings and carpentry since it was as in origin. Once the desired result was achieved, Eva was clear about the style of decoration, it should be low cost but personal and charming. She resorted to furniture she had in another previous home, a trunk for the living room acquired in the Trail, chairs inherited from a relative, some garden chairs through Wallapop, pictures that she herself has made ...

I wanted a bright house, with furniture in light tones, a simple decoration and give a Mediterranean air to the rooms.

We see it?

Advertising - Keep reading under Kitchen on two fronts and open

The kitchen has all the natural light of the window that communicates with the outside. In the reform our reader knocked down partitions to integrate it into the environment.

In black and white

The black and white hydraulic lining delimits the space. The furniture has been distributed on two fronts: one with the plate and one with the sink.

Sink front detail

Detail of the front of the sink.


The front of the washing area does not have high modules. A wall with the dining table is attached to it.

Dining table attached to the kitchen wall In black and white

In this shot in detail you can see the kitchen lining.

The lounge area with blue as the protagonist

Eva wanted the Mediterranean to be present at her home in Madrid. Thus, he relied on the color blue to achieve it.

General view of the living room with the window in the background A corner of the living room: coat rack

Next to the sofa a blue coat rack.

Plants are also present in the decoration

In this photo of the room, Eva has placed plants, a natural touch inside the house.

As a coffee table, a trunk

The coffee table is a trunk that is used to organize vinyl.

How much organization!

A trunk that acts as a table and organizes the vinyl inside.

Pictures and photographs that look to the sea On the dining room table

Decorative details with which our reader puts the personal note to your home.

The patio: outdoors

Having an outdoor space in Madrid is a luxury. This patio was one of the aspects that convinced Eva to acquire the house and transform it.

The main room

In white and blue, which gives the feeling of freshness and gives visual amplitude.

An auxiliary table on hand for Sunday breakfast White and blue bedding

In this shot you can see the headboard, almost fused with the wall, and the bedding, chosen in blue and white.

Retro wink on accessories

A detail of the bedroom with an old telephone in sight.

Bathroom completely renovated

In the reform the bathroom was completely transformed into a space that abuses white to take advantage of the meters. It has a horizontal window in the upper area of ​​the shower wall, the only one that is covered with tiles of another model.

Green in the bathroom

On the countertop of the bathroom.

A second bedroom So it was before the reform the floor The bedroom before the reform The kitchen before the reform The kitchen before the reform with exit to the patio This was the floor before the reform The bathroom before the reform Before the reform Before the reform