A 100% rural but minimalist and modern house

A 100% rural but minimalist and modern house

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180 square meters located in the small town of Llívia (Gerona). A second three-story residence, rural in nature but completely transformed by the Dröm Living studio, in charge of the entire process. With the premise of fleeing the rustic style of departure, the house had to become a modern and bright shelter, especially warm, that welcomed the family during their frequent snow escapes.

After a complete work that affected not only the interior design and appearance of the environments but also the structure of the construction, the result is minimalist but comfortable. The distribution was completely modified in order to eliminate visual and spatial barriers. More communicated spaces were sought with easy circulation between them.

Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, a large and diaphanous attic floor and a staircase that becomes a decorative object and an entry point of natural light. The facade is also transformed. You can not miss the process in this gallery. You'll see the before and after of a fad house.

Advertising - Read on below Radical change: from rustic and rural to modern and minimalist

A total work, a radical change, a rural exterior and a completely renovated interior to achieve a minimalist and 100% current atmosphere. The project was carried out by the Dröm Living studio.

Living room

Bright and in neutral tones. The living is organized around a table and is oriented to the TV. It has a very familiar maxi sofa in L and an armchair as an auxiliary seat.

With double-sided fireplace

But the living room also faces the wall that defines the living room and dining room and where a double-sided gas fireplace has been installed.

Warm corner of living

Detail of the fireplace with the bitaca and the lamp (focus) standing.

What warmth!

The fire, the textures, the colors ... Dröm Living has taken care of all the nuances to achieve a warm interior, perfect to take refuge from the cold in the family escapes to the snow.

United and delimited: lounge and dining room

A partition divides the dining room.

On the floor: maxi carpet

A maxi carpet delimits the seating area.

Shades in stone gray

Neutral tones in gray stone predominate and modernize the rooms.

The dinner room

From which you also enjoy the fireplace.

Custom furniture

The furniture, with straight lines, was custom designed for this project.

The kitchen

In the search for a more comfortable and rational distribution between the spaces, the kitchen was also opened to the dining room.

Minimal style for the kitchen

Several fronts and work areas, all very minimal

Several work and preparation areas

In the center of the kitchen, a large island with a hood integrated in the roof.

Access to the upper floor

The house has three heights. View towards the stairs.


The staircase was projected in two sections: one of work with wood cladding and a lighter second of folded iron plate.

Natural light source

The colored glass of the facade that the house looked before the intervention (see it in the photos at the end of the gallery) was replaced by a transparent one, which granted much more light to the interior.

Distribution area at the end of the stairs Different materials

Detail of the staircase area where the materials of the two sections are appreciated.

Stairs Railing detail The bedroom

In order to gain light and spaciousness, the walls of the bedrooms are painted in light colors. On the floor also a soft tone for wood.

Simple and elegant design

The furniture is simple. Wood and textile touches are incorporated in natural fabrics. All rest areas have the same elegant and harmonious design.

Bedside table detail A jewel mirror Very warm deco complements View of one of the beds, packed with cushions The bathrooms

All responds to functionality, with a total optimization of space.

The design is clean and the colors: gray and white A room in the attic

This room was used as a storage room but now it had to become the bedroom of the smallest of the house. The mattresses were placed on a wooden parquet, which can be distributed according to the need of each moment.

A versatile, youthful and fun project

The wooden paneling of the walls was removed to gain a feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. An open and fresh space was projected (very funny).

Attic room with full bathroom

This room has a full bathroom.

The facade and the garden

The facade and the garden were also renovated. The proof of the change is this current image and the next one in which the previous state of the house is observed.

The facade and the garden before the reform The hall before the reform The kitchen before the reform The dining room before the reform The staircase with the stained glass window The staircase before the reform One of the bedrooms before the reform Another bedroom before the reform The bathroom before the reform Bathroom before the reform Stretch of wooden ladder before the reform