30 DIY Advent Calendars

30 DIY Advent Calendars

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A blank label hangs inside an old hotel lockers. Decorate them with festive ornaments. An idea that will fill you with Christmas spirit.

Photo: Jean Allsopp

Advent calendar for the fireplace

Let your guests be Santa for a day! Instead of candy, fill the sacks of this Advent calendar with the names of the guests, then you just have to choose one of the numbers and that will be the guest who chooses the activity of the day, from singing Christmas carols to baking cookies.

Photo: Max Kim-Bee

Advent calendar with mini cubes

These small metal buckets are the perfect size to house Christmas candy.

The tutorial in Design, Dining & Diapers.
Photo: Design, Dining & Diapers

25 acts of kindness

To teach your children the true meaning of these holidays, this blogger He designed a calendar that counts the days until Christmas with daily acts of kindness instead of gifts.

The tutorial in Between You & Me
Photo: Between You & Me

Framed Advent Calendar

Count back with small packages full of surprises: candy, tickets, small toys ... Use stamps to put the numbers on each envelope and other ornaments such as stars or snowflakes.

Photo: Miki Duisterhof

Advent calendar with holes

This Advent calendar is very original, perfect to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit.

Step 1: Draw the outline of a tree on a perforated plate like this. Then put bodybuilder tape around and then fill the interior with green paint.

Step 2: Use green thread to fill the tree. Sew it through the holes and don't forget to secure it in the back with a knot.

Step 3: Use cardboard to create circles of different sizes and colors.

Step 4: Paint the numbers (from 1 to 25) in the circles, then write activities to do at Christmas.

Step 5: Hang the circles on the thread with small tweezers.

Step 6: Cut out three yellow stars and different sizes. Then paste them from highest to lowest and add this complement to the tree.

Photo: David Hillegas

A giant tree

Felt numbers, felt circles and a large fabric tree is the easiest and most festive way to decorate the wall.

The tutorial in Oh happy day.
Photo: Oh Happy Day

Advent Calendar 'Mason Jars'

Instead of the typical 25-day Advent calendar, the blogger Vanessa decided to use five 'Mason' jars to represent the four Sundays until Christmas. She filled the jars with peels and a candle, then added pineapples, fir branches and blueberries around her.

The tutorial in At the Picket Fence.
Photo: At the Picket Fence

Felt calendar

With everyone looking out the window these days (in search of snow or some flying reindeer), why not decorate it? Make this Advent calendar with candy bags filled with candy, paste the felt numbers and put a garland of leaves of the same material around the window.

Look at tutorial.
Photo: Michael Partenio

Advent calendar with socks

Mix two of the most typical Christmas decorations hanging this pretty garland of mini Christmas socks at your home.

The tutorial in Miss Mustard Seed.
Photo: Miss Mustard Seed.

Blackboard Advent Calendar

Customize this simple calendar by hanging ornaments on thin ropes with clothespins.

The tutorial in Thistlewood Farms
Photo: Thistlewood Farms

Rustic Advent Calendar

Is blogger hung some ornaments vintage on some wooden boards to give a rustic touch to your Advent calendar.

The tutorial in All Things Thrifty.
Photo: All Things Thrifty

Gloves garland

Perfect for a baby room, this cute garland works very well as an Advent calendar for the little ones in the house.

The tutorial in My House of Giggles.
Photo: My House of Giggles

An shoemaker for Advent

If this is not a good transformation, we do not know what it is. This shoemaker becomes a festive Advent calendar.

The tutorial in Elizabeth Joan Designs
Photo: Elizabeth Joan Designs

Tree hanging on the wall Hearst

Hanging on the wall, all eyes will go to this rustic-inspired tree.

The tutorial in The DIY Dreamer
Photo: The D.I. and Dreamer

Advent calendar with candles

Ceramic cups that once held candles, now adorned with Christmas numbers and motifs, are filled with candy.

Photo: Cedric Angeles

Advent calendar with paper rolls

This house-shaped Advent calendar will look great on the wall, your guests will never guess that it is actually made of paper rolls.

The tutorial of Morning Creativity
Photo: Morning Creativity

Many boxes

Use old jewelry boxes to create this cheerful calendar. Do not forget to decorate everything with striking prints!

The tutorial in Mod Podge Rocks.
Photo: Mod Podge Rocks


Use boxes of common matches to count the days until Christmas. Use hot glue to join the 25 boxes (starts with nine at the base, seven at the next, science, three and ends with a box). Cut some wrapping paper to cover the pyramid and paste it well. For numbers you can use stamps. The last thing left is to fill each of the 25 days with candy.

Photo: Victor Schaeger

Mini trees

Use the Jordan Ferney template that you can download for free to create this little forest in the easiest way.

The tutorial in Oh happy day.
Photo: Oh Happy Day

A tree of cans

Glue the tops of a can of cans and the paper cut with the numbers to a fabric with the pattern of your choice. Hang this work of art on the wall and you'll want to keep it all year.

Watch the tutorial at Cherished Bliss
Photo: Cherished Bliss

Illuminated calendar

Do not throw the jars and use them to make this original Advent calendar. You can put it at the entrance or the fireplace. If you are interested, the tutorial is in Design Dining and Diapers.

Photo: Design Dining and Diapers

A last minute idea

In just 20 minutes, the blogger Julie Blanner made this Advent calendar for the hallway of her entrance using these paper bags and some zeal or tape.

The tutorial in Coordinately Yours.
Photo: Coordinately Yours

Advent in a jar

Rachel, the illustrator who devised this calendar, had no more space on the wall, so she filled a jar with small papers with messages for each of the 25 days.

The tutorial in Poppytalk
Photo: Poppytalk

Oreo balls

How can you resist an edible advent calendar? This ingenious idea uses homemade Oreo and caramel balls that go around the typical calendar.

The tutorial To Subtle Revelry.
Photo: A Subtle Revelry

Slate style

"This calendar was, in part, inspired by an old loan system that was in my school," writes the blogger Kristine He also combines his love for typography and wall decoration.

The tutorial in The Painted Hive
Photo: The Painted Hive

A 5 minute calendar

You don't have time to think something creative? No problem! You only need a few envelopes to carry out this idea. Just stick them to the wall, you can decorate them with accessories or a touch of color.

The tutorial in A Few Things From My Life.
Photo: A Few Things From My Life

Recycled calendar

The blogger Lorajean used the paper from the shopping bags to create some "boxes" that he filled with small candies.

The tutorial in Whatever Dee Dee Wants.
Photo: Whatever Dee Dee Wants

Hanging plants

The blogger Caroline used these little buckets and filled them with plants and flowers. He put the numbers on each one and turned them into an Advent calendar.

The tutorial in The Feminist Housewife.
Photo: The Feminist Housewife

Recycled wood

Use recycled wood and Christmas balls to create this rustic calendar.

The tutorial in Home Depot
Photo: Home Depot

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