4 porches, 4 styles: Outdoor lounges and dining rooms

4 porches, 4 styles: Outdoor lounges and dining rooms

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Alec Hemer

A shaded dining room

Styling: Heather Bullard. Alec Hemer

If you want to enjoy the outside area as long as possible, you will need to avoid the incidence of sun rays. To do this, you will have to use umbrellas, easy to move and light, but with a limited shade; gazebos, easy to install and economical, but not very resistant and durable. You can also buy shade candles, cheap and easy to place. The strongest options, but also the most expensive, are pergolas and awnings. Protect yourself!

Use mosquito bulbs to catch insects and avoid annoying pecks.

When the sun goes down ... You will need proper lighting. The table should be well lit. Place a hanging lamp on it if it is under a pergola or on a porch or wall lights that strike the food without dazzling. The dim light reserve it for the relaxation areas, for this use beacons, LED light strips, candles or solar garlands.

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Fresco Room

Kenay Home

Depending on your response and the available space, you will choose some furniture or others. If you plan to create an area for lunch and dinner, you will have to set a table and seats. Buy better models with folding wings, folding chairs or benches that can be stored under the table. If you want a place to lie down and sunbathe, hammocks and a low table will suffice. And if you prefer a seating area, put armchairs, a pouf and a coffee table.

Optimize the space with multifunctional furniture or with a workbench in "L".

Connected inside. Merge the room with the outside to gain meters and create a more cozy space. It extends the same style and decoration. The pavement can be the resource that gives that continuity. If the colonial style reigns in your house, choose tropical wooden platforms; For rustic environments, stones, and for classic style, use clay.

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A rustic dining room on the porch

On a terrace, you always look for nice and comfortable furniture, but also that are resistant. Being outside, they will be affected by inclement weather. The wood creates very cozy environments, but if it is very much in the sun, it will lose color. The natural fiber ones are very decorative, but you have to clean them often. The wrought iron ones are resistant, but they can end up oxidizing. The plastic ones are cleaned quickly and easily.

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In the hottest hours, lower blinds, awnings and roller blinds. You will save energy and money.

Add your personal stamp. Textile accessories such as cushions, utensils, carpets, are essential to create comfortable and personalized spaces. Choose outdoor fabrics that support moisture and sunlight. Use light colors or pastel for large surfaces and leave the most striking for small accessories.

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Multicolor dining room

To achieve an environment safe from prying eyes from neighbors or from abroad, look for simple and economical solutions. Place artificial decorative coverings that act as a visual obstacle. Use wooden fences, lattices, place heather or wicker, concealment meshes or plants such as ivy or bamboo. If you have neighbors, cover your pergola with climbing trees or shrubs, unfold the awning, open your umbrella or hang your candle. Protect the sides with thin and clear curtains.


It combines furniture and textiles of different shades to give a fresh and cheerful air.

Breathe nature. Open the doors of your terrace and let plants and flowers fill it with life with its aroma and color. If your exterior is oriented to the north, the most suitable plants are azaleas, hydrangeas or begonias. If facing south, geraniums or petunias; to the east, lavender or rosemary, and if it is to the south, plant lavender, rosemary or jasmine.

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