A very nice laundry room and iron

A very nice laundry room and iron

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To create an area where to put clothes for washing and ironing, many meters are not necessary. Just a mini space, a corner, an entree ...

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And place the washer and dryer aligned on one side. And perpendicular to them a module for dirty clothes; if you integrate it in the rest of the furniture nobody will know that it is GREAT ACIERTO A good distribution By putting the washer and dryer close, cumbersome trips with wet clothes that are quite heavy are avoided.

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A closet is ideal for hiding the least aesthetic: bleach, detergents… From Bm to Terrón. The cheerful decoration makes this space as cozy as any other room in the house, so the work is not as heavy!

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Perfect clothes: Wicker baskets are perfect for aeration. These are from La Victoriana de Mondáriz.
And so you don't miss anything
If you have room, add another module with shelves; You will find it super useful to leave the seamstress, boxes with buttons, zippers ... and everything you need to leave the clothes impeccable before ironing.
Modules with wheels. They are very useful for working comfortably: the ironing board can be removed from the wall when used, also the laundry basket for easy access to the interior, and the countertop on the appliances where you can fold the clothes with ease. At the end of the work everything is attached to the wall and the room is collected.

4 Iron module. Spain

Remember to put a little furniture nearby, to have on hand the clothes you are going to iron, like this container with a cloth bag inside.

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If you have few meters, take advantage of the vertical space and place the washer and dryer on a column; if you hide them behind a piece of furniture they will not weigh visually.

All online On one front, a complete washing area with a washer, dryer, laundry basin and closets for storing the necessary products was enabled. Perfect mix: chocolate furniture and cream coverings create a very warm and cozy atmosphere. Paper near the washing area, which is vinyl, is more resistant. This one is from Osborne & Little. The materials closest to the washing area are easy to clean and waterproof: furniture, laminates; the floor, of porcelain stoneware; Silestone wallpaper, vinyl, and countertop with washbasin front.

6 Make space well profitable Spain

To achieve this, a good option is to place the washer and dryer in a column; So you take advantage of vertical space. Here, they also hid behind a laminated furniture in wenge; Carpentry Angel Olalla.

7 The best table Spain

A 120 cm is great for ironing; you just have to cover it with a muletón or a blanket. If you put a rack with bars nearby, like this one, Grundtal, from Ikea, you can hang the ironed clothes until you put it away, so it won't wrinkle.

8 Spain

A simple renovation and the appropriate furniture has allowed to condition a wasted space to win a laundry room and iron. Super useful!

A corner of the garage was closed with a partition and a door, and was prepared to install a laundry room and iron. This was organized in three different areas, to optimize the space and facilitate the work: a washing and drying zone in " L "in a corner; another warehouse area with cabinets and shelves; and an ironing area. With custom-made DM furniture and bright finishes, this room earns a lot. On the floor, ceramic tiles that mimic cooked clay; on the wall next to the sink, white tiles to protect it from moisture, and in other plastic paint in a bright pool. The warehouse area was lined with pine planks to differentiate it and gain more warmth. It installs a storage area with a closet with glazed doors, such as mod. Billy, from Ikea, to store the linens, and another low furniture made in DM, with shelves, to put baskets with the clothes you just washed. With simple details such as a framed photo, mirrors, a vase ... you give an air of more comfort.

9 Spain

An ironing space was installed in a corner, taking advantage of a wall setback. It is equipped with a mini ironing board, a wooden table, laundry baskets that are stored under it, and a custom shelf. Very practical!

10 Spain

Take advantage of the area under the sink to put a closet with steel top, lacquered door and shelves, in which you will hide all detergents.

11 Spain

The washing part is organized in "L", with the sink and tiled wall with tiles, on one side; and the washer and dryer in the other, with a wall painted in color albero. Two custom wooden furniture house the washer and dryer, and a practical sink.

12 Do you have an entree? Spain

Then make the most of it with the help of modular systems: cars with baskets, shelves, shelves, boxes ... The possibilities are endless. Look at:
Enable a space to hang clothes if it rains; The modular clotheslines adapt to any space.

13 Spain

Reserve a wall in the kitchen and order a custom-made piece of furniture where you can store detergents, irons ... even cleaning products. It will be even more practical if you include a drop-down ironing board. To save the ironer you will find brackets to hang them from the wall, from a door ... and many also include a space for the iron.

14 Portable iron. Spain

You have very complete furniture: with drawers, baskets, folding table and wheels to take them wherever you want. And to avoid wrinkling clothes, carts with baskets, clothes rack, in Howards…