Seeing to believe: Amazon has launched a portable sauna

Seeing to believe: Amazon has launched a portable sauna

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We all love to feel the body clean and relaxed after a sauna session, but just thinking about having to dress to go to the gym or the spa makes us want. Amazon's solution to such a situation? Very simple: a portable sauna that you can use wherever you want.

The bathroom, the bedroom, the living room? Any place is perfect to place this sauna, because it has an extremely comfortable chair

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The sauna uses infrared rays.

Buy it here € 219.99 on Amazon, available in black or silver.

But how does it work? The sauna uses infrared rays. In this way, the heat emitted by the rays and the carpet relieves sore muscles, helps prevent fatigue and detoxifies the system. Come on, which is ideal for losing weight. And it is available in two colors!

Other portable saunas

Portable sauna with storage bag

It allows to add oils and essences.

€ 135.00 on Amazon


Pink portable sauna

It has 10 temperature levels.

€ 78.88 on Amazon


Striped portable sauna

The base of the sauna is waterproof.

€ 139.00 on Amazon


Portable sauna for two people

You can also enter only the legs.

€ 149.04 on Amazon