Tricks so that your pet does not get hot in summer

Tricks so that your pet does not get hot in summer

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Whatever you have (dog, cat, rabbit ...), in summer everyone suffers. With these simple tricks you will ensure that high temperatures are not a danger to them. Keep in mind that a heat stroke for some pets, especially younger or older ones, can be deadly. In addition, the heat makes your appetite disappear, they are more decayed and barely have energy. Beyond frequent baths in fresh water or placing a fan near them, there are some more tricks that will be appreciated. Take note.

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Shadow on the terrace

If you have a terrace or garden and your pet likes to spend long days in it, cover an area with an umbrella. The umbrella stand itself can serve as support. Open, the sun will not reach them directly and they will find a cool place to take a nap in summer.

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Change the bed of your dog or cat

Many of our pets enjoy comfortable and, in most cases, warm beds thanks to their cotton base. In summer, these beds are your enemies. In addition to seeing how he will avoid it more and more, the heat that it produces can cause them to fevers that result in heat stroke. A good trick in summer is to keep your "winter" bed (you can use it to wash it until next season to take it out just when it starts to cool) and replace it with a much cooler and lighter one. For example, a towel or a bath mat.

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The location they like best

During heat waves, make sure they are cool in more suitable locations. For example, the bathroom. It is usually darker and cooler and the floor is usually lined with much colder tiles that will be appreciated.

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Summer feed

In the case of rodents and lagomorphs (rabbits), write down this trick: chop all your vegetables and turn them into ice cubes. They love them!

Cats and dogs can do the same with small snacks that you can freeze beforehand and that will make them have a good time while they are fresh.

Next to his bed

If it is too hot, pre-freeze water bottles that you can then place next to your bed. You will see how they appreciate it.

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