Prepare your room for the return of the Twin Peaks series

Prepare your room for the return of the Twin Peaks series

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Who killed Laura Palmer? One of the most famous murderers of television is the central axis around which the whole plot of Twin Peaks, the American television series created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, that tells the story of the FBI special agent Give cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and the investigation of the murder of a very popular teenage girl, Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) First broadcast on ABC television in April 1990 in two seasons, it has had sequels: Twin Peaks: fire walk whit me, in 1992, which features the last week of Laura Palmer's life, and a limited series of nine episodes that will air in early 2016 and that brings Cooper and Palmer back to the small screen 20 years later.

In Spain, the Telecinco network was the one that aired the series, while on the screen the characters from Feeling of Living or the exuberant ones paraded Mamachicho, and hooked us. The agent's inquiries Cooper and the Sheriff Truman, The analysis of the evidence and the interpretation of the dreams lead the viewer through hidden secrets for a long time, forbidden passions, greed, jealousy, intrigue and even supernatural elements. A series with a dreary aesthetic that takes place in a mountain village and inspires us a rustic and warm decoration, Where wood is the protagonist.

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The protagonists of the series, along with Laura Palmer, the murdered young woman, on the train tracks of Twin Peaks, in search of any trace or evidence that would lead them to the murderer of the young woman. Cold environments, foggy and surrounded by mystery. In the interiors, a lot of wood, armchairs and warm and thick fabrics, that warm the atmosphere. Get these pieces and give that air to your living room as standard.

A wooden cupboard

For books, utensils or decorative objects. A tall cabinet with showcase, drawers and closed module. The wood finish is perfect. Cupboard, by Maisons du Monde.

An armchair or wing chair, essential

To sit by the fireplace, read near the window - while the cold is installed outside - or enjoy a warm and comforting broth after a day's work. Its line fits the style inspired by the Twin Peaks series. We suggest you update it with a Chenille or velvet fabric. Look at the result, so attractive, of this armchair, from

A nod to the trophies

But without harming any animal. On the contrary, this deco complement goes on the hunt for recycling. Made of cardboard, this trophy is assembled like a puzzle. It is from the firm Two to Design.

Wild references

Images of nature, of wild animals, sheets of leaves ... There are elements that inspire. We do not forget the functionality: around the coffee table, a couple of auxiliary seats, benches, poufs or floor cushions. The klim prints fit and provide movement with their colors. The pictures and stripes are more traditional. This cubic-shaped cotton fabric pouf, printed with a bear, is from Maisons du Monde.

Wood in its natural state

Both in a natural finish and in forms that simulate branches. Wood is the star material. This mirror, from Zara Home, is framed in branches. Don't forget to wear them in a vase too. You can paint them and thus update the style with color notes.

A checkered blanket

There are many styles for fabrics that reproduce paintings. Depending on the colors combined, the size of the paintings and the material we can talk about Vichy, Scottish or rustic prints. In this case we propose a warm and soft wool blanket with simple lines that intersect in very feminine colors. The result is a more current rustic. I'm sure you'll like it! Blanket, from House Doctor.

Wooden logs

Wooden logs are an element of nature. They cannot be missing in our living room, so count on them as a decorative element. The possibilities are endless and everything depends on your creativity. Use them as a side table, stool, pot stand ... Paint it, varnish it, make a crochet cushion for the seat, line it with rope ... The one in the picture, painted in white with a paint that does not hide the texture of the wood, is from

More wood, in small doses

In decorative accessories such as a candle holder, a bookends, a tray, a figure or a coaster. Small touches, easy to introduce in any environment, that warm up. This wooden animal is from House Doctor.