Baby's room ... shared

Baby's room ... shared

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The Interior Design Study ABR Reformas was responsible for the distribution of this room that, for the moment, share a girl with her little brother of a few months. For them to play at pleasure, a large recreational space was reserved.

Advertising - Keep reading under Cradle with wheels

In a corner, under the window, the cradle with wheels was located, which facilitates its transfer, if necessary. The abundant natural light that enters the room is blurred thanks to a white blind. The floor is a comfortable and warm material, the rest area was covered with a carpet of short hair and non-slip base to facilitate the crawls and children's games. Carpet, by Beirut Interiors.

Evolutionary bed

Evolutionary beds are super practical because they adapt to their owners as they grow. Extendable bed structure with slatted bed base in 0.80 x 2 m, from Ikea (€ 97). Quilt, by Gastón and Daniela. Cushions, from Zara Home.

Luminous letter

A bright letter was placed on the shelf, which is a trend. The shelves were filled with books and other decorative pieces. Letter M, from Bel & Shop. Figurines and suitcases, from Zara Home.

Colorful crochet cushions

Textiles with color. Both the bed and the crib were decorated with brightly colored crochet cushions, which contrast with the white of the furniture. Topitos blanket with embroidered name, from Cushions, from Zara Home.

Short hair carpet

The choice of white in walls, furniture, window frame and blind contrasts with the wood of the floor. The explosion of color comes from the hand of textiles and decoration. The result is a warm and serene environment. In the cradle: Shooting Star quilt by Jane Churchill, for sale in Gastón and Daniela (€ 133.95).

Dolls' house

In front of the cradle, an impressive dollhouse gives way to the play area. Estor, from Beirut Interiors. Suitcases on the floor and white lamp
with butterfly foot, from Zara Home.

Shelving in white tone

By having a similar finish on both sides, the modules can be used as a separation element; Here they were placed between the crib and the bed. Kallax bookcase (€ 49.99) and Malm chest of drawers
(€ 69); both, of the firm Ikea.

Room layout plan

STORAGE. Behind the access door a whole wall was dedicated to a closet closet for the exclusive use of the girl, who will be the future owner of the room.
AREA OF REST AND GAMES. Next to the window was the crib and on the opposite side, her sister's bed, both separated by two modular furniture: a bookcase and a dresser where to store the baby's clothes. The rest of the room was reserved for the two brothers to play on the floor.


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