A country house in an idyllic setting

A country house in an idyllic setting

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Among olive trees and with impressive overlooking the Sierra de Gredos, this cozy country house is protected from the rush. When the owners look back they see the old cow shelter transformed today in their retirement thanks to an intelligent reform, designed by the architect Alfonso Monteagudo and in which the original structure was maintained and materials were recovered, who collaborate today in the final result: a warm country-inspired decoration, although with discreet traditional details. Soledad and her husband open the doors of an idyllic place, Vaquería CantaElGallo, both for its interior and for the natural environment.

A discreet range of neutrals paints the house on stucco walls, Ceilings in concrete and with exposed wood and cement floors, which prolong the environments. This skillful handling of infallible tools such as color, light and coatings, conveys tranquility and order. The furniture, work and wood mostly define the country style but with doses of tradition and, even, stately notes through pieces brought from different parts of the world and rescued from antique dealers.

Another of the peculiarities of this house is its distribution: to a large central room for shared use - where the living room, dining room and kitchen are located - two rooms conceived as small apartments with a living area and integrated bathroom are attached. Each environment worships comfort with simple and functional furniture and it is the complements (antique mirrors, crockery containers or glass jars) that qualify compositions full of charm. The luxury: Space and simplicity.

The interest and care that the owners of this house put in their reconstruction can be seen in the result: rested spaces, prudent mixtures and pure harmony.

This country house, located in Jaraiz de la Vera (Cáceres), is part of the Vaquería CantaElGallo Hotel.

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The main entrance to the house is surrounded by nature, which sneaks inside through the glass with door bars and the fixed open on one side. That feeling of openness and of fusion with the environment Find continuity in the decoration through the materials used.

The crown and the wooden ornament as a curtain clamp are from El Corte Inglés. The pot and the boxes with pineapples and firewood are old.

The living room is a large meeting space

In the living room textiles mark the style through color and the mixture of fabrics. Two comfortable sofas They are distributed around a square coffee table. Some sidewalks delimit the gathering area, which enjoys views to the outside through the window.

Mesa, from the firm KA International. The wooden candle holders are handmade, made by Santiago González. Bust, for sale in Maisons du Monde. Tailak rug and patterned cushions. Plain cushions, from Zara Home. Cushions and blanket of hair, from Maison de Vacances. Christmas decorations, from El Corte Inglés.

Decorative details with care

It's Christmas! And it shows in the environment. No need to place a big tree or mystery. With small details and subtle ornaments It's enough.

Christmas decorations, for sale in El Corte Inglés.

A lounge with views

The light of the mountains sneaks through the windows without curtains and it is reflected on the walls, painted in white stucco.

Blanket, from Maison de Vacances. Sofas, upholstered by The Weaving of Don Ramón. The French console next to the window, the mirror and the flexo were acquired at La Europea. The aluminum carpentry was made in Aluminum Hermanos Bravo.

Like in a suite

The master bedroom, with direct access from the outside, has a pleasant lounge with a double-sided fireplace. This element has been used to distribute the environments - rest and living area - and to better heat the entire space.

Armchairs purchased on a trip to France; cushions, from Maison de Vacances and pineapple candle holders, from El Corte Inglés.

Warm and very natural environments

Wood, natural fibers, such as wicker or raffia, and iron agree with textiles in a return to the origins. A construction ladder with iron railing communicates the bedroom with a loft, equipped with a sofa bed and small table.

Carpet, from the firm Tailak.

The charm of the recovered furniture

A new opportunity for that piece of furniture with a hearth, with the charm that gives the passage of time, both in its finish and in its forms. Reinvent its use and display it. What was previously used as a bench is now a side table.

Pineapple candle holder, from El Corte Inglés.

The dining room, behind the fireplace

The continuity in the pavement and the exposed beams on the sloping roof Unify the base of the space shared by the kitchen and dining room, which has direct access to the outside.

The dining room furniture

A table, several chairs and an antique cupboard in honey-colored wood make up this warm dining room.

The table and chairs precede Argentina and the candlestick, from France.

A country-inspired decoration

Christmas is celebrated in this house among leaves and branches. The earth and green tones of the exterior combine with advent ornaments in white and red and indicate that this holiday is celebrated here with its own style.

White reindeer-shaped candles, from El Corte Inglés.

A vintage kitchen

Inspired by a traditional kitchen, with furniture, wooden doors and grid and even openings with curtains, its U-shaped design adapts to the present with breakfast bar, integrated appliances and all the comforts that the routine of daily life requires.

Carpet by Tailak. The stools are inheritance.

Mix of styles in the kitchen

A hunting trophy watches family life in the kitchen from its watchtower. Enter dose of originality and change location deco elements that traditionally decorate other rooms of the house.

White candles, from El Corte Inglés. On the half-point window, old corbel, for sale in La Europea, and flexo, of Ikea.

A pool mimicked with the surroundings

Next to the house, a small pool, made of cement, and a wooden and hurdle roof from which light curtains fall to protect against mosquitoes in the hottest months.

An exploited garden

When carrying out a reform project in a house located in the countryside, it must be taken into account that there is continuity between the exterior and the interior. The construction of each element must fit with the environment.

A bedroom for relaxation

Leopard and feather cushions in blue, by Maison de Vacances. The painting that you saw the wall on which the beds rest is from the artist José Luis Resino.

Bedroom with two integrated sink areas

This bedroom is organized in a symmetrical composition: two beds, a closet on each side, identical bedside benches, two washbasin areas and two reserved corners where the bathtub and toilets have been located
- toilet and bidet - respectively.

The carpentry of doors and cabinets is made by Fernández and Macayo. On the sidewalks, two old food bags, from La Europea. The blanket of eight is from Zara Home.

The bedroom communicates with the bathroom

The location of the bathtub in a setback of the plant, framed by a vain, grants privacy at bath time, despite being integrated into the bedroom.

On the coat rack, embroidered flower fabric, from Tailak.

Double bedroom

The subtle vertical stripes painted on the wall accentuate the visual strength of this composition: two terraced beds, each with its corresponding individual structure with headboard and footboard, upholstered in a flower fabric, from a French antique dealer.

The bedside tables are original from France. Linen and white leather cushions, from Maison de Vacances. The bedside benches were acquired in an antique shop. Blankets, turquoise cushion and slippers, from Zara Home.

The bedroom carpentry

Doors and fences frame the passage from one room to another and mark style with its line. In this house they are made of wood, lacquered in color, finished off in an arch and with quarters and glass.

The charm of the classic

This bedroom has a integrated bathroom, distributed in two areas: one of the washbasin, facing the room, and another more intimate in which the toilets are located and a large shower. In the work furniture, made of polished cement, a counter top washbasin is supported.

Oval mirror, from La Europea. Shawl, for sale at Zara Home. Soaps, from Crabtree & Evelyn.

A polished cement bath

Walls and floors are a whole coated in the same polished cement in a neutral tone, even in the shower area. The evacuation of the water is solved with some inclination of the pavement towards a central drain.

Gels, from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Shower area

The importance of proper isolation. In houses located in areas where weather conditions are extreme (both cold and heat) it becomes even more necessary for windows and doors to close properly.

Plan and ideas of the reform

A current country house

- It is essential to use a 100% natural base: A white background reinforces the strengths of the house and gives breadth, luminosity and fluidity. Also natural should be the furniture materials (wood never left over) and fabrics (wool, linen, cotton ...).

- Freshness and warmth are compatible. This house is an example of that. Gone are the dark country shelters with a heavy interior design. In it the spatial organization is relevant: shared spaces, double uses, fair partitions and large windows.