Romantic rose

Romantic rose

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Long ago that stigma was removed from cheesy color and today decorating with him is extremely pleasant. And not only children's rooms! A raspberry tone in the kitchen or a pastel pink in the bathroom will be perfect. Harmonize with the range of browns and grays and, to play contrast, opt for white, black, navy blue or olive green.

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Try in the living room with a pink stick on the walls and on the sofa, to create a peaceful atmosphere. And as a contrast, green vegetation, natural materials and golden touches. From the collection Urban garden, by Maisons du Monde: Portobello oak low table (€ 299) and Fina cushion cover (€ 13.99).


From the mixture of red and white, pink emerges and in this room the dynamic combination with fuchsia as the protagonist has become visible. Collection Floral Heritage, by Laura Ashley: pink grapefruit paint (€ 60 / 2.5 l), carpet Lewes (€ 340) and floral print curtains Dalhia stop (€ 61 / m).


The dull pink and somewhat gray of the sofa prints to this corner a certain decadent air. A current complement, such as the copper metal floor lamp, raises the level and acts as a focal point. Sofa and lamp, from Kenay Home.

Plain and printed cushions

If you find it very daring to paint a room in pink, choose to place specific pieces in the living room or in the bedroom, such as an armchair, a bench or a chest of drawers with an aged appearance, or the socorided textiles that play so much. Plain and printed cushions Cuban Zen, from Primark (€ 6 each).

Bubble gum pink paint

Depending on the tone you choose, you can transform
your kitchen in a sweet place, if you paint it with bubble gum, or give it a more chic air, if you opt for a softer tone. In both cases, combine them with beige and white to fill it with light. Painting Dux Satin Mix, from Bruguer (€ 27.85 / l).

Modular system

In dark areas, such as the pantry in the kitchen, a soft pink touch will come in handy. Use it on the entire wall or only in the middle and combine it with white tiles. You can also enter it through textiles, accessories and appliances. System modules Omar, from Ikea (from € 30).

Cotton fabric

Coral tones are great with blues and greens. Use them to upholster sofas and armchairs in living rooms and bedrooms, if white predominates in them. It is an excellent resource to stimulate decoration. Cotton fabric Saga Forest in armchair (€ 39 / m) and gray cushion Waves
(€ 39.50), from the Swedish firm