Alohomora! The bedrooms for Harry Potter fans arrive

Alohomora! The bedrooms for Harry Potter fans arrive

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Frames / PBteen

We celebrate the premiere of the Harry Potter saga on Netflix as we know best ... Decorating in the purest style of Hogwarts!

If the fever of books and movies was not enough, these bedrooms will take you straight to Hogwarts, and without fail to cross the station wall!

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Practicing magic is more fun between two. Of course, keep the manual close, lest they unwittingly become toads!

Between € 2,277.21 and € 3,858.09 in PBteen

Keeping your dreams

Every wizard worth his salt needs a companion animal, and Harry Potter had his beloved Hedwig. This owl, in addition, will illuminate you at night to read without spoiling the view!

€ 177.30 at PBteen

Canopy with stars

A bedroom like this is perfect for a little wizard (or magician). Is there anything better than catching the dream watching the stars?

€ 127.78 at PBteen

Flying keys

In the movie they seemed impossible to reach, but here they are well attached to the wall, so you can place your jewelry with ease!

€ 88.16 on PBteen

Mirror Mirror

Such a mirror will make you see your wishes come true!

€ 395.22 on PBteen

Relaxation area

When you leave classes at Hogwarts you will need a little rest and fun, and for that, nothing better than sofas that are pure magic!

Between € 153.53 and € 391.26 on PBteen

Live in an apartment

In Edinburgh it was where JK Rowling wrote the first book in the series years ago. And now there is a luxurious apartment inspired by Hogwarts… That you can rent whenever you want for about € 170 a night!

Reserve now!

With spells in tow

This being a magician leaves little time to be sitting at the desk, so nothing better than making it portable! With these boxes, you will be free to study wherever you want.

€ 98.06 at PBteen

Permanent flame

What would a wizard be without his candles? These carry a battery, so there is no risk of fire!

19,32 in PBteen

A jeweler in a cage

Inspired by Hedwig, this beautiful jewelry box is ideal for you to store your little treasures.

€ 98.06 at PBteen

Playing quidditch

A watch with double function: play quidditch And tell time. Magic Potagia!

€ 48.54 at PBteen