10 Tips to use the air conditioner intelligently

10 Tips to use the air conditioner intelligently

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There are many households that maintain an inefficient handling of refrigeration systems with the consequent increase in electricity bill or loss of comfort. According to IDEA (Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving), proper use of air conditioning can save us up to 30% on the electricity bill. Users who are aware of this are doubts about the best way to turn on the air conditioner.


At what temperature to keep the house? Does the location of the devices influence performance? How to take advantage of intelligent air conditioning equipment? With the help of the Haier appliance brand we have developed a series of tips related to these aspects.

1. The ideal temperature: One of the mistakes that is usually made is to set the air conditioner at a lower temperature than is convenient in order to cool the room faster. However, in this way the only thing that is achieved is to raise the cost of the electricity bill faster. Each grade of less can consume 8% more energy. Regulating the thermostat at 25ºC is more than enough to enjoy a cool stay without worrying about power consumption. Moreover, any difference greater than 12ºC between conditioned rooms and the exterior generates a thermal shock that is not healthy for the body.

2. The correct location: The best location for the indoor unit is that from which the air flow is distributed more homogeneously. For large rooms, a good option is to install several splits interiors to ensure greater comfort in any part of the room while saving energy. Outdoor units are important that they have good ventilation so that they are not forced to operate at a greater power than necessary. Keeping them in a shady place (using a small roof or similar) also helps reduce energy consumption.

3. Take advantage of the residual freshness: The refrigeration of a room is not lost immediately when the equipment is turned off, but due to the inertia, it is maintained for some time after disconnecting the air. A good trick to save with air conditioning is to turn off the devices minutes before leaving home. In addition to reducing electricity consumption, it helps minimize sudden changes in temperature in the body.

4. Pay attention to filter maintenance: the air flow circulates better through the cooling system if the filters are clean. Dust-filled filters increase the electrical cost because they force fans to run faster.

5. Efficient equipment: The green label and the letter A are the hallmark used in energy efficient equipment and those that consume less.

6. Professional advice: less or more power than necessary will influence the optimum efficiency of the air conditioner. The installation technicians know what the needs of the homes are depending on their solar orientation and the intended use for the device.

7. Smart operation: The latest equipment on the market incorporates ideal presence sensors to perceive the potential consumption of air conditioning. Thanks to the monitoring of activity, movements and detection of people in the room, the teams have autonomy on and off.

8. Well-conditioned homes: If it is a question of intelligently cooling homes, another aspect to pay attention to is the non-electric elements that help keep the house cool. The doors and windows of the rooms must be properly closed. This ensures that the refrigerated air does not escape into other rooms or, even worse, it leaves the home directly. On the other hand, the blinds and the different awning systems ensure that the external heat does not penetrate the walls of the house. A house in twilight maintains a more pleasant temperature.

9. Refrigerate several rooms: the best option to cool several rooms is the use of equipment multisplit, The same outdoor unit operates two air conditioners inside the house. The energy consumption of these facilities is lower compared to outdoor equipment that only activates an indoor unit.

10. When leaving home, disconnect: far from being obvious, there are many people who forget to disconnect the air conditioner when leaving home or in a heated room.

Information prepared with the advice of the Haier brand.