[Nutrition] Olive oil, sunflower oil and some more

[Nutrition] Olive oil, sunflower oil and some more

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Miriam Yeleq

Modern cuisine has popularized the use of unusual oils in traditional cuisine. We review each other and others.

Oils obtained from fruit

Olive. This oil is a super food. The benefits it brings to cardiovascular health are unrivaled. The juice extracted from olives is used cold or hot and accompanies any dish, sweet or savory.

Avocado. The pulp of the fruit is pressed and centrifuged, thus obtaining the oil. It can be consumed as salad dressing, smoothies, in hummus, on bread ... or cooking with it, because it does not lose its properties and flavor when exposed to high temperatures. It reduces cholesterol and hypertension, and is high in lutein, antioxidant for the eyes.

Coconut. It is extracted cold from the ground fruit itself. The oil solidifies at low temperatures and becomes liquid with heat. In addition, it does not oxidize and maintains its properties, even very hot, so it is also suitable for fried foods. It gives a special touch and a sweet and tropical aroma to soups, vegetables, woks ...

... Or of seeds

Sunflower. It offers an important contribution of fatty acids. In the cold it is perfect to bind sauces, as it offers smoothness and is very soft. It should not be used for fried foods instead of olive oil, as it has a tendency to form polymers similar to saturated and trans fats.

Hemp. Very digestible, it provides an earthy, nutty, food flavor. Suitable for steaming, but not for fried or cooking that require high temperatures, like that of flax and sesame, as its nutrients and flavor are reduced.

Linen. It comes from the linseed seed. It contains a high percentage of alpha-linolenic acids and belongs to the group of lipids of Omega 3, 6 and 9, so it is a hyper healthy oil. Eat raw

Sesame. Very popular in Asian cuisine, it has the same properties as linen. It can be taken both raw in seasoning and to give a special touch to rice dishes. The quality one has a dark color and deep aroma.

COLD OR HOT: Some of these oils are used both ways. The seeds, better raw.

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Herbs for flavoring

Miriam Yeleq

With rosemary, Basil, saffron, black truffle, chilli, garlic ... Mace in the oil some or several of these ingredients in a glass jar and, after three or four weeks, filter it and pass it to a bottle.


Miriam Yeleq

Virgin sunflower. It is obtained from cold pressing and retains all its qualities. You will find it as 'bio' or 'eco' and it is as (or more expensive) than olive oil; Very rich in vitamin E or tocopherol. It is worth mentioning as a novelty high oleic sunflower oil, with a high content of this acid, which makes it more stable and healthier than conventional sunflower oil.

Virgin olive and extra virgin. While the oil "without more labels" results from the mixture of refined and virgin oils, the latter come only from olives, without any refining process. The virgin can reach 2% acidity and is allowed a minimum percentage of defects. The extra virgin is the highest quality, should never exceed 0.8º.


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