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During this month, if you subscribe to the magazine you will receive A very special gift: you Make up Of summer.

A complete batch of products DEBORAH for facial care

- Secret of the Smokey Eye XL. Eyeshadow palette 10 colors.

- Natural blush. Velvety matte effect.

- Eyeliner & Kajal 2 in 1. Intense black and extreme duration.

- Dye peel offfor eyebrows natural effect. It lasts up to 3 days.

- Mascara Divine volume and curve

- Bronze Attraction. Maxi tanning ground.

- Lip oil energizing.

- Lip oil moisturizing.

- Exfoliating and serum for lips. Smoothing and ultranutrient effect.

- 2in1 LipStick & Liner. 4 Lipsticks + semi-permanent eyeliners.

- Color Copy. Innovative makeup base that adapts to skin tone.

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