4 kitchens with dining room as charming as functional

4 kitchens with dining room as charming as functional

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The office is the most practical solution in today's kitchens. Integrated into a common space, these kitchens take better advantage of the space and facilitate communication. Choose the one you like.

A white and radiant kitchen

This bright kitchen with dining room has a large area of ​​lower cabinets.

Maisons du Monde kitchen.

Wooden surfaces. The white furniture is combined with light wood countertops and shelves to create a beautiful and harmonious contrast.

Showcases incorporated. Enclosed cabinets and others with glass doors have been interspersed, instead of placing all showcases on top. This provision energizes and lightens.

Flooring floors. They are beautiful when the kitchen is attached to the living room creating a perfect visual unit. But, to scrub them, opt for vinyl floors, you also find them in pallet format.

White ground. Expand the space and make it brighter. Irregular slats energize and give movement.

Shopping for a white kitchen:

To buy

213 €

High spout tap with shower from Grohe, on

Lamp Lamp

To buy

213 €

Ceiling lamp with metal shade, Gianna, 74 € from Kave Home.

flower pot, basket Flower pot

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12,55 €

Wicker flower pot on

A white kitchen with colored brushstrokes

The front of this kitchen has been covered with small format tiles.

Delightfull kitchen.

Fun chromatic game. The upper part of the front of cabinets has been painted in blue, which adds a groundbreaking touch and power to the white-wood set. A success.

Highlight a special piece. Like the hanging lamp with several arms. Although your kitchen is very simple, such a complement will make it shine. Remember: suspended lamps should be about 75 cm from the table.

Shelf with light. A long shelf with spotlights has been installed on the cooking zone. This lighting allows to work comfortably.

Useful space The window sill is a good place to order pots that you should use often and have on hand.

Shopping for a kitchen with color:

lemon tree lemon tree

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24,99 €

Lemon plant, Citrus, from Ikea.

Cocotte Cocotte

To buy

218,69 €

Cocotte Model Evolution, 24 cm from Le Creuset.

chair chair

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69,99 €

Vintage chair Fjord, from Maisons du Monde.

A lovely rustic and attic kitchen

In this kitchen a dark wooden table has been combined with chairs in a lighter shade.

Styling: Jessica Helgson. Lincoln Barbour

Large table Rectangles are ideal for gathering many guests. How many? Each person occupies about 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep ... Do the calculation.

Lmultiple lamps To better distribute the lighting throughout the entire table top, opt for a luminaire with two points of light, one at each headboard.

Fridge and sink. In a cooking front arranged along, it is best that the refrigerator is away from heat sources, so it has been placed at the opposite end of the kitchen.

In wood. The lining is prices or for a country kitchen. It must be protected with varnish.

Shopping for a rustic kitchen:

egg cup egg cup

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19,89 €

Fun egg basket made of wire, on

basket Basket

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39,99 €

Vegetable fiber basket with borlones, by Maisons du Monde.

teapot kettle

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39,95 €

Red iron teapot from A Loja do Gato Preto.

A current and functional kitchen

This kitchen with office is modern and bright, with simple furniture that combines wood and white.

Kitchen of El Corte Inglés.

Round table. If you do not have much space, opt for a round model, which is always more collected, and put chairs without arms. The minimum diameter for four people is 90 cm.

With central island. The surface of the countertop should not be less than 1x1 meter in small kitchens, and with a minimum width of 60 cm in elongated. The height, 90 cm, if not going to be used as a breakfast bar. In that case, 110 cm.

Imitation flooring. Tiles that simulate wood are easier to maintain, cheaper and quick to clean.

How practical! Flying shelves, which replace tall cabinets, do not
recharge in sight or subtract the passage of light.

Shopping for a current kitchen:

bottle bottle

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24,99 €

Glass vase, 24,99 €, from Maisons du Monde.

apron apron

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18,14 €

Apron with green leaves, on

lamp lamp

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47,99 €

Bamboo ceiling lamp by La Redoute Interieurs.