A well lit room

A well lit room

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The adequate light for the living room is shown in cozy and effective spaces with an interior design enhanced at will. Achieving this is easier than we think whenever there is a project from the starting point and the light points and lamps are planned according to the needs of each moment.

Advertising - Keep reading below A reading corner

You deserve to create a corner in the living room just for you, with a fluffy and very comfortable armchair, a little table for support for your things and, of course, a perfect light for your reading moments. The chosen model triumphs both for the elegant design of its wooden tripod foot and for its white screen, excellent light diffuser. It's from Car Möbel.

A very punctual lighting

The play of light and shadow is most successful in the decoration of the room providing differentiated environments only thanks to the way of lighting. Here, for example, a very concrete hanging beam model will provide a relaxing and concentrated light suitable for gatherings among friends. It's from Bloomingville.

Create environment

Among the many functions that the living room welcomes daily is to create a calm and relaxing environment in which to escape at the end of the day. For this, nothing like a slightly opaque screen suspension model like this LZF design, in translucent wood. Is named SP dome.

A design flexo

Part of the decoration of the living room is in charge of the lamps that usually flank the sofa as a support or reading light. In the case of minimalist or design environments, a flexo of refined lines will provide the necessary lighting integrating into the decoration. The model OF THE from Pujol Iluminación offers a straight-form design with perfect integration.

Lighting project

A proposal of complete lighting for the living area must include a central point that acts as ambient light and different more concentrated point lights that allow playing with them varying the prominence of each corner according to the needs of the moment. Here, Ikea proposes a central XXL screen supported by table and floor flexos from the same collection. A success!

Functional lighting

The lamps chosen for the living area cover and much the decoration chosen acting on numerous occasions as decorative elements in addition to fulfilling its main function. In this area of ​​being as youthful as casual the Ikea foot models fit perfectly.

Main Details

Why condemn the space between the sofas to oblivion? Give it some prominence with different pieces. This corner gained presence thanks to a white side table with a romantic air and a table lamp with a classic foot in carved glass and gold base. Everything from Zara Home.

Cold prepared

Immersed in the middle of the Nordic style, the warmest fabrics of the season climb positions. Felts, wool and artificial hair fabrics alternate with natural woods to give warmth to the spaces. As lighting, white lamps are imposed as a contribution of warm light. Everything comes from Zara Home.

Dual use furniture

Rescue the terrace furniture and give them life also during the winter. We love this proposal, a well-equipped wicker armchair with fluffy cushions and a reading lamp can become your favorite corner this season with minimal investment. Everything from Bloomingville.


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