Interior reform with lots of light

Interior reform with lots of light

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This could well be the story of a strenuous struggle in search of light. When the owner bought the house, she was aware that it was an interior floor, surrounded by courtyards. To this circumstance joined a distribution with multiple corridors that slowed the passage to any sunbeam. In addition, three bedrooms were needed. How to fit the pieces of such a complex puzzle? The Naluz team, lighting expert, took over the reform. The solution consisted of converting the kitchen and the living room into the central hubs of the house, so that from them the three bedrooms and the bathroom could be accessed, without distributors or corridors. In this way, each environment would have at least one window, and no unnecessary wall or door would prevent the fluid circulation of light.

The choice of coatings was also conditioned to the objective of enhance brightness. A laminate of wood in a clear finish on the floor - it is the Tundra model, from Ikea -, and walls painted or covered with white tiles act as reflective surfaces that multiply natural light. Even the hydraulic tiles that pave water areas, such as the bathroom or a small strip in the kitchen, include a white background. With the optimal distribution and interior luminosity guaranteed, it only remained to focus on decoration. The owner's passion for pieces with history soon became apparent. The house is a good example of the possibilities offered by any apparently outdated design when its finish is renewed. There are the dining room chairs, an Ikea classic, painted by the owner and her children. Or the gray one, whose upholstery is "the cover of a mattress of my grandparents", the owner tells us. And what about the fan located on the sideboard, "I rescued it from the garbage years ago and Naluz fixed it," he explains. Pieces, all of them, that take their place in a collage designed with tenderness.

Passage area.

The owner wanted to include three bedrooms in the house. To achieve this, dealers were dispensed with, which would have subtracted useful space. Only one L-shaped corridor was maintained, through which the house is accessed, impossible to remove as it is a floor surrounded by various interior courtyards.
This unique passage area, which serves as a hall, was oriented towards the living room. Thus, from the sofa you have a greater sense of depth. A dresser with storage space, a full-length mirror on it, a sign and a fan complete the decoration.

Advertising - Keep reading under Sideboard, an old office furniture

Both the sideboard, an old office furniture that the owner inherited from her mother, and the photo frame, which is actually an old window of her grandmother's house, were painted gray and became key pieces of the living room. Picture by Carlos Arriaga. Basket, from Berberia. Candle holder, from Naluz.

Sofa bed

In the living room, the brick wall was exposed, but it was painted in this color - in tune with the sofa - to enhance the luminosity. The sofa bed is an Ikea design already discontinued, which the owner acquired on a second-hand sales platform. Cushions and illuminated letter, by Naluz. Plaid and coffee tables, Habitat. About them, accessories, by Berberia and Zara Home. The carpet is from Berberia.

Yellow floor lamp

Floor lamp in yellow tone offers a striking contrast with the sofa in light tone

Lamp with a vintage can

Next to the sofa stands out a unique composition formed by an old mirror, acquired from a private individual on the Internet, and an old cart. The owner painted the frame of the first in gray - originally it was gold - and restored the car to serve as an auxiliary table. Lamp with a vintage tin as a base, from Berberia. The fiber pouf was bought on a second hand website.

The contrast between the dresser, which was already in the house and was painted in yellow, the red sign - words and phrases are trend-, and the blue that share the mirror frame and the fan, capture the attention and add decorative value.

Extendable dining table

Living room, dining room and kitchen follow one another thanks to a diaphanous distribution that facilitates a fluid circulation. Dining table BjurstaExtensible from Ikea. Tray and baskets, from Berberia. Candle holder, from Zara Home. Ceiling lamp and chair Tolix in green, from Naluz.

Valance of hydraulic slabs

The access to the house is done through an L-shaped corridor, which integrates the kitchen. Formed by a single front of furniture, it gains interest thanks to the alternation of finishes: gray on the sides and on the low, and wood in the composition of tall furniture surrounding the window. Have you noticed the floor? A valance of hydraulic slabs indicates that we are in an area with its own entity. Furniture, from King Kitchens. Cloths, from Zara Home. Flexo, from Naluz. Ground

Painted mirror

In the foreground, a chair attached to the wall waits to be used in the dining room only when necessary.
Mirror recovered and painted by the owner. Signboard and fan, from Naluz. Ikea chair. Blanket, from Zara Home.

Marble washbasins

In the bathroom, Naluz's team opted for the retro style. The materials - marble washbasins, brass finish faucets and the same hydraulic kitchen floor - are inspired by the models that were used at the beginning of the 20th century. Washbasin, acquired by Naluz. Mampara, from Sanitation Pereda. Retro faucets were purchased at Amazon.

Chandelier in red

The white walls give all the prominence to the color notes, such as the chandelier or the red cushions, and the lime green of the blanket. De Naluz: floor and ceiling lamps, and cushions. White bedspread
and black, from Berberia. Green blanket, from Zara Home. Bedside table by Ikea. The map was bought at a street market.

Fiber basket

natural light ... a luxury! The Naluz team is an expert in lighting. Hence the reform will study how to provide the bathroom with natural clarity. The tilt-and-turn opening window and, next to it, the mirror that multiplies the sun's rays, achieve a cozy atmosphere. The walls in which tiles and white paint alternate, as well as the worktop, in the same color, act as a reflective surface that enhances, even more, the intense clarity.
Fiber basket, from Zara Home.

Brick seen

The small variations that involve the irregularities of this material enrich the environment. Although it is painted white, as in this case, its texture creates areas of shadow that give more depth to the space.

Wardrobe with wallpaper

Cabinet. Do you have an old model that you don't like anymore? Give it a second chance with a different finish that renews its appearance: painting, as in this case, wallpaper, vinyl ... Bag and necklace, from Berberia.

Bedding in bright colors

An infallible trio. The children's bedroom was decorated in pink, green and gray. The first, more present, brightens the environment; green adds freshness; and the gray, serene, balances the whole. Bedding, from Zara Home. Ikea stool, painted. Flexo, from Naluz. Carpet, from Berberia.

Dishes on the wall

Wall utensils. A few decades ago, the dishes were a decorative resource that was reserved for rustic-style houses. Today they add to the trend that beautifies urban walls along with letters, pennants, garlands ... Dishes, of the Habitat firm.

Vinyl with letter

Dating combines deco and emotional value. The owner commissioned to print on vinyl the letter of Waters of March, in the version of the Brazilian singer Tom Jobim, to the reprographic center La Jirafa de Azca.

Flexo lamp

The red tone of the flexo lamp gives dynamism to the decoration that combines the light and pastel.

Wicker basket

The wicker basket in the bedroom has a decorative value as well as functional.

Retro faucet

Old designs come back strongly. The finishes that evoke them? Copper, brass and bronze. Look for them with handles in porcelain or metal, either individual or in a blade, and they will add charm.

House distribution plan

House distribution plan,


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