A house at two heights and with a pool

A house at two heights and with a pool

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Often, apartments and houses are discarded for offering a daunting first impression. The ability to discover the decorative potential that is hidden in an unattractive home allows an unsuspected match to complex distributions and dark interiors. And that is what happened from the moment José Luis Hausmann first saw a garage located in the center of Barcelona, ​​near the port. With almost 60 m2, its ceilings had such a height that immediately the possibility of transforming it into a housing with two levels. In the lower room, living room, dining room and kitchen were located in the same open space, along with the bedroom and two bathrooms. The upper level was used to create a playground that includes two beds; when you want to use as a guest room, you become independent from the ground floor by steamy curtains.

To banish the garage image completely, its owner put special interest in providing natural light To the whole house. In this regard, he chose antique furniture with suggestive lines, such as the dining room table, with a central grooved foot, or the wing chair with capitoné backing It closes the living area. He then painted them in white, a color that reflects the light and, at the same time, makes them visually light so that the space where they are located seems wider. But there was still a new treasure to be profitable. The premises had an old patio that soon became a key element of the house, since the exterior is integrated into the interior through an enclosure with glazed leaves.

In the middle of serene spaces, in which the white color predominates, the loft breaks the color uniformity with furniture and accessories in bright colors. The height of the ceiling, noticeably lower, favors an intimate atmosphere where blue, lilac, pink, orange and green brush strokes achieve a cozy atmosphere. The beds, covered with comforters, the profusion of cushions and the carpet invite you to take off your shoes and enjoy fluffy surfaces and caressing textures.

How to make the house look bigger:
During the renovation all the walls were removed, and only those pillars that were necessary to guarantee the structural safety of the house were maintained. Without partitions that compartmentalized the space, we opted for a clear distribution, type loft, which expands the space. The predominance of a single color, in this case white, facilitates the visual integration of the environments in the same space. Walls, furniture and flooring - made of recycled wood and painted in tone - act as the link between a common area that appears to be larger than the real one.

This house can be rented through the web www.poolhousesbarcelona.com

Advertising - Keep reading under Gray Curtains

From the living room you can access the garden through a sliding enclosure. Simply uncover the curtains to enjoy the refreshing view offered by the pool, surrounded by white-painted walls and grass on the floor.
Curtains, from Filocolore.

Round table

In the house white tones predominate, animated by delicate lilac touches with the effect of irregular brushstrokes. We see them on the doors, with wooden slats, on the ceiling beams and on the suspended lamps above the dining room. Lamps, from Ikea. The round table and chairs are old models restored by José Luis Hausmann. Pots in magenta color, for sale in Jardiland stores.

Magenta-painted pots

Matter of contrast. Enhances a white finished furniture with a color complement. In this case, a set of simple pots painted in magenta tone marks the color difference and enhances the beauty of the immaculate surface of the table. They are from Jardiland.

Antique armchair

The height of the ceilings allowed to create a play area over the living room. This was furnished with two work sofas distributed in L, designed by José Luis Hausmann. Mesa, by Merc & Cia. The armchair is an old model, recovered by Hausmann. Cushions: rattan and prints, by Calma House; roses, from Filocolore; and in black and white, from Theodora, from
where are also the stool and the carpet.

Cushion in pink tones

The large opening that gives way to the garden allows to prolong the sense of perspective. The vision of the exterior, from any point of the house, makes the space shared by living room, dining room and kitchen seem much larger. Cushion in pink tones, from Calma House. On the right: table lamp, between the two sofas, by La Maison.

Blue cart

The white furniture on a single front -which merges with the wall- and the double windows, the first at the height of the sink and the second on it, enhance natural light and add charm to the kitchen. Kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Blue cart,
of Strange Earth, with plants, of Jardiland.
The rattan singles are from Calma House.

Poster reminiscent of the old west

Posters with encouraging phrases. They are fashionable for their positive messages and for a design reminiscent of the old west, with different typefaces that alternate on pastel backgrounds. Poster, from Jardiland.

Flower pots on the wall

In the narrowest area of ​​the garden a slightly elevated platform was made above ground level. Part of it was covered with a mat, as an outdoor bed, and the rest was left as an auxiliary table. Covered with hurdle and decorated with fluffy cushions, the corner invites you to relax.
Cushions, from Calma House. The pots on the wall and the plants are from Jardiland.

Rattan pouf

The garden offers a refreshing view thanks to the pool, the profusion of the lawn, the white-painted wall with climbing plants, and the predominance of furniture and fiber accessories. Rattan and canvas pouf, and striped cushions, from Calma House. From Teodora: bamboo pouf, fiber armchair and baskets. The blue cushions at the edge of the pool are from Filocolore.

Retro watering can

Decogarden Any outdoor corner, however small, may have charm. The essentials? A pot with decorative interest and a retro air sprinkler, like this one, from Teodora. Palm tree and pot, from Jardiland.

Tray and glasses

Multicolored utensils. Combine the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors and your passion for decorating with glassware and crockery that add a plus to outdoor environments. Glasses, from Filocolore. Tray, of Theodora.

Study and play area

A study and play area was organized on the top floor. Two L-shaped beds serve both for sleeping and for sitting on them as sofas. The desk and trunk, old, were recovered by Hausmann.

Pink plastic basket

Quilts and cushions, from Filocolore. Carpet and ceiling lamps, from Ikea. Flexo, from Strange Earth. Pink plastic basket, Service Station.

Decorative window

In the master bedroom stands the false window, hung on the wall. Decorative window, by Merc & Cia. From Filocolore: Nordic rose; matching pillowcases; blue cushions; Light blue padded plaid and black edged plaid. Plaid beige, of Matter. Cushion Happy, and wall mirror, from Jardiland. Ikea chair, ceiling lamp and sconces. Carpet, from Theodora. Coat rack, from Strange Earth.

Beige striped cushion

Do it yourself. Are you a DIY fan? The details elaborated by you add character to the decoration. Here, José Luis Hausmann made the headboard with wooden slats and recovered the shelf that makes a bedside table. Beige cushion with stripes, by Calma House.

Vases with handle

Simple arrangements The combination of natural flowers and containers that evoke the country houses - zinc cubes, candle holders, glass bottles ... - add freshness to the house in summer. Vases with handle, from Theodora.

Ground floor plan

Ground floor plan.

Mezzanine plan

Mezzanine plan


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