How to prepare a delicious classic tiramisu in a glass

How to prepare a delicious classic tiramisu in a glass

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Tiramisu is a classic dessert of Italian cuisine and its origin is located in the Veneto region, north of Italy. Originally it did not contain cheese or cream, it was a lighter dessert that was prepared with beaten eggs and sugar, Savoiardi biscuits dipped in espresso coffee and cocoa powder. But there is no doubt that with Mascarpone cheese tiramisu has become one of the tastiest and strongest desserts.

INGREDIENTS:- 250 g of mascarpone cheese
- 10-15 sponge cakes
- 3 eggs
- 4 tablespoons sugar
- 200 ml of cold coffee
- 1 glass of rum or coffee liqueur
- Cocoa powder
- Salt


Separate the whites from the yolks. Mix the yolks with the sugar and beat with the rods until you get a foamy cream. Beat the mascarpone removing all lumps. Add the mixture of yolks and sugar and integrate. Add 1/2 cup of liquor and stir.

Put the resulting cream in the fridge. Mount the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt. Incorporate them into the mascarpone cream, little by little, in an enveloping manner until it is integrated. Put back in the refrigerator.

Mix the cold coffee and the rest of the liquor in a bowl. Cut and bathe the biscuits in the bowl and remove the excess liquid. Place in the base of the glass. Cover with mascarpone cream. Put another layer of wet cake and cover with mascarpone. Cover with film and refrigerate overnight. Serve with plenty of cocoa powder without sugar.


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