DIY plush stool

DIY plush stool

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Before you throw something, think about recycling it. A little paint and a new upholstery can work miracles, as this step-by-step demonstrates that has turned an old stool into an elegant seat with an unconventional turn. Please try this at home ...

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You may have a stool that you are going to throw because the seat is worn or you want to give a different touch ... This tutorial shows you how to give it another chance and customize it.

Of colors

This step by step proposes you to upholster it with white stuffed fabric and paint the legs red, but you can adapt it to your tastes and to the decoration of your house.

What do you need?

- A stool

- White stuffed fabric


- Chalk Paint

-Hot glue gun

Step 1

The first thing, before starting, will be to protect the area well with paper or cardboard, so as not to stain anything.

Step 1

Once we have protected everything, we will paint the legs with Chalk Paint Red Velvet Spray It will take several layers to be well covered.

Step 2

Measure the stool seat well and mark the lines on the back of the fabric along which you have to cut.

Step 3

Cut the fabric along the lines you have marked.

Step 4

Present the cut pieces on the seat to know if they cover it or you need to cut them or larger ones.

Step 5

Glue the strips with the hot glue gun. Be sure to put them very close together so that the hair conceals the divisions.

Step 5

Cover the entire seat well with the fabric.

Step 5

Finish the seat well by gluing the fabric on the bottom.


The hair and the color of the legs make it a different and subtle touch for the decoration of any room.

Good support

It is perfect to place it in a corner of the room, waiting for someone to need an extra seat.