Flower cakes, the trend that will sweeten your soul

Flower cakes, the trend that will sweeten your soul

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Do you have a birthday in sight and need to buy a cake that lives up to the event? Look no further, the flower cakes They are experts in sweetening social networks for a while, and they don't go out of style! Yes, you read correctly, they are cakes decorated with floral motifs, but the most striking thing is that they seem to lie. When you see them you will understand ...

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They are the fashion plants, and now, in addition to decorating your house ... You can also taste them!

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In pink

The most romantic option is undoubtedly this cake with pink flowers.

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A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers that are eaten, is there something more beautiful and functional? Functional for your clear stomach ...

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Lily pads

The flower of the water arrives at your table in its sweetest form.

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Cupcakes version

Although if yours are the cupcakes... you won't know which one to choose!

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The sweetest crown

And if instead of buying the traditional roscón de Reyes you choose this crown of flowers? Original is a while!

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Mini bouquets of cupcakes

So small and so adorable ... The authentic mini delight!

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How romantic!

Imagine: you are in the office working quietly and suddenly a delivery man arrives with a bouquet of roses ... For you! But when you see it, you discover that in addition to smelling wonderful, they taste even better ... Isn't it perfect?

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With autumn-inspired colors, ideal to enjoy the most nostalgic season of the year!

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More fall

Another great idea to enjoy these months.

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These do not prick! And they look great knowing ... Why don't you check?

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As we are sure that you have fallen in love with these cakes (we also), here we leave you another 14 to finish sweetening you completely.