An apartment in neutral tones

An apartment in neutral tones

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70 square meters shape an apartment, located in the Alameda area, in Valencia. After a reform, carried out by the Interior Design Studio Laura Yerpes, a plot thread has been achieved that directs the interior design through the chromatic balance throughout each room.

Each of the rooms is followed with mastery with respect to the previous one, all communicated with each other and at the same time defined and independent.

Light colors, used in different shades, are the key to creating relaxing and peaceful environments, while warm and spacious.

Photos: Germán Cabo.

Advertising - Keep reading below The Salon

Minimalist and contemporary. In white and beige and with the minimum pieces. The window is the protagonist in this room, decorated in a neutral color range, which guides the entire interior design project, signed by the Laura Yerpes Studio.

The brushstrokes in blue give volume.

Sofa, from Grasoller.

Slat panels

The doors that make independent the living room and the kitchen are panels of slats that grant privacy, delimit the spaces, but at the same time allow light to flow and some visual continuity is appreciated.

Behind the panel, in the living room, the dining room is hidden.

A bench as a coffee table

A bench, upholstered to match the sofa, becomes a coffee table.

Door detail

Detail of the sliding door through which the kitchen is accessed from the living room.

The dinner room

The dining room barely detracts space. The glass table is light and the chairs, in white lacquered structure, are upholstered in natural linen in a sand tone.

Crystal table

The lamp on the dining table decorates (it's a jewel lamp!). There is no lack of ambient lighting on the wall. The plants put the green touch.

Chairs Chloe, from Andreu World. Lamp Discocó, from Marset.

The hall

In the hall, Laura Yerpes opted for a simple straight line console. The art is present on the wall in two sheets of figurative style.

On the wall, a mirror gives amplitude to the entrance to the house.

Sliding panel

The kitchen is accessed from the living room. The spaces become independent with a sliding panel of slats.

The kitchen

Rectangular and furnished on two parallel fronts, with custom made furniture.

It highlights the contrast sought between white and dark gray lava on the fronts. Straight lines and simplicity of furniture predominate.

The furniture is from the firm Leicht. The white countertop, by Corian.

The importance of lighting

In the work area, under the high modules, a punctual lighting system was installed, which gives a warm look to the entire kitchen.

All appliances are integrated.

The main room

In both bedrooms the calm color palette that predominates throughout the project has been maintained.

The goal was to design warm bedrooms that invited rest.

The first has a customized furniture solution online, which provides storage space. A headboard runs a system of indirect lighting embedded in QR, a solution of the interior design studio.

All blank

The predominant color.

Bedside table detail

The headboard extends throughout the wall and houses the bedside tables. On one side, the bedside table continues in a chifonier.

More warehouse

With this solution you gain warehouse space.

The main bathroom

Here a washbasin area in lacquered wood and gray chalkboard has been created, where the square counter-top washbasin stands out as a special piece.

On the wall, storage is completed with a module of mirrored fronts.

Shower area

In the main bathroom, the shower tray has been custom-made in gray slate, the same as the sink.

Guest room

Headboard and bedside table, by Baladia & Valklein.

Bedside table and lighting detail

On the bedside table and next to the headboard, a wall sconce.

The guest bathroom

A custom furniture has been designed and manufactured in the guest bathroom that covers the entire front of the room. At the top, a backlit furniture with sliding glass doors and interior shelves.

All custom

The two bathrooms with which the house has are equipped with shower. In this one, a partition separates the shower area, which is accessed by a doorway without a door.

Basin Detail

With little background, there is almost no space left.

Doorless Access

The shower tray is white ceramic. The interior design team of Laura Yerpes has been commissioned to create it to measure.


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