White, spacious and bright kitchen

White, spacious and bright kitchen

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A kitchen full of light and open spaces -Common feature to the rest of the house's environments-, is what the successful distribution changes made by the interior design studio Suspensivo Punto in collaboration with the owner of the house, illustrator and designer.

To maintain the essence of the house, its style and its materials, the hydraulic pavement of the kitchen and also their wooden windows, which were sanded and painted during the reform. Transparency is essential in this room, which says goodbye to the doors and bets on screens that separate it from the dining room and also from the distribution hall. With all this, in addition to ensuring that the light circulates freely and that there is a feeling of spaciousness, the dining room is integrated into the kitchen. In the dining area, on the other side of one of the screens, a wall has been covered with a geometric paper by Scandinavian Desing, design by Arne Jacobsen, from Suspensivo Point.

The neutral colors they combine perfectly with the oak woods of furniture, broken white walls and tapestries in moles and gray.

Advertising - Keep reading under blank beveled tiles

The wink vintage? The bevelled tiles in white gloss, matching the hydraulic pavement. The windows are covered with shutters of blank wood slats to sift the intensity of the light. In the same color, the work area, concentrated on a maxi island, and the garbage cans, of the Simple Human firm. Next door, a blue car with wheels, from Ikea

Circular bell in steel

The white color conveys a sense of uniformity in the kitchen. The furniture, from Nectali, is made of PVC in this predominant tone. The countertop, in Zeus white, is from Silestone. The circular bell, in steel, was placed on the induction plate, of Ikea, just like the sink.

Half-height screen

View of office From the kitchen island. Between both spaces a screen, in this case, of medium height and built in iron painted in black and with transparent crystals. The absence
of doors favors the transit to the dining room.

High sidewalks

Bet on a folding table, in wood, like the high sidewalks, which combine with the white of the kitchen as well as going in tune with the dining room, on the other side of the screen. You can include plants in this room.

Oak wood table

The dining room is simply decorated and charming, thanks to the Nordic style used. The table, in oak, is from La Europea. The chairs, in the same finish, are from Habitat and El Rastro de Madrid. Wall clock, from Muji. The floor lamp is from Habitat.

Kitchen faucet

Finished tap supersteel. Kitchen faucets Essence, from Grohe (€ 319 plus VAT).

Melamine Bowl

Color trendy. Melamine Bowl It is from the collection Synthesis, by Rosti Mepal (€ 9.99).

Reversible board

Mambú stool Faroe, by Maisons du Monde (€ 59.99).


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