A chalet with large open spaces

A chalet with large open spaces

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Achieving generous and open spaces was the main objective of the interior reform of this detached house with pool and garden located on the outskirts of Madrid. For this, it was decided to remove walls and expand rooms on the two floors in which the chalet is distributed.

On the ground floor different rooms were arranged to enjoy every moment of the day, the work corner, the dining room, the kitchen and a small toilet. The separation of environments is given by two heights. The three rooms that made up the upper floor became two in order to gain meters. Thus, a dressing room was added to the master bedroom and to the children's bedroom, a play space. Here the bathroom is also located at a different height. The house won in luminosity when painting it all in white and placing a laminated Pergo flooring finished in white. The furniture and decoration are a successful potpourri of old and modern pieces with others brought from different countries and cultures. Pieces of the 50s and 60s are mixed with various objects acquired by the owners in open-air markets in their multiple trips to London and Paris, in their visits to antique dealers or in long stays in Africa and Asia, where some of their most precious objects come from; as the magnificent carpets distributed throughout the house.

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On the generous porch, overlooking the flirtatious pool, you can see two environments: the outdoor dining room and a lounge to enjoy the desktop. In the background: white marble table, Becara, and chairs purchased in an antique shop; similar in Lou & Hernández.

Indoor outdoor furniture

A reupholstered antique sofa and an Elizabethan coat rack from London were located in a corner of the porch. The original note is put by a figure of William Sweetlove, of the Cracking Art Group.

The porch, a corner with a lot of charm

The darbuka, the klim and the ornaments that hang from the ceiling recall the trips that the owner has made through the fascinating Morocco. The cozy lounge in teak wood invites you to have conversations without hurry. Bench, armchairs and low table, Unopiú. Furniture with drawers, from Becara.

A colonial porch

After lunch, nothing better than sitting on the porch to enjoy coffee and good conversation. Opt for colonial-style furniture.
Teak bench with matching armchairs, Unopiú, and wooden low table, by Becara.

Living room and dining room in a large open space

The small lobby gives access to a floor of open spaces. It was divided into two heights to separate environments: on the right, the dining room and on the left, the cozy lounge. In front of the door a working corner was arranged.
Rocking chair, Stop & Walk. Carpets brought from Morocco.

Very decorative coffee makers and teapots

If you feel weakness for a specific object, look for new versions when traveling. Coffee and tea sets are a real fixation in this house. These come from Morocco.

Around the fireplace

Located in a corner, this first lounge consists of a sofa reupholstered in chocolate velvet and a low table in glass and metal. On the wall, flying shelves serve as a bookcase and woodshed. Above the chimney there are some deer heads brought from India. Mesa, Lou & Hernández.

The snack corner

In the middle of the floor, a second lounge was installed around an art deco bar, ideal for a snack. The style of the sofa reupholstered in chocolate velvet and that of the tables is identical to that of the previous lounge. Furniture bar, from El Transformista.

The dining room decoration

The success of the decoration of this house is that each piece fits perfectly in the chosen place. Crockery dishes and bowls, acquired in Morocco, preside over the dining room table (similar to them in El Almacén de Loza). To decorate the center, choose a pretty vase like this glass full of tulips.

Rest zone

After the dining room there is access to a relaxing and simple stay presided only by a two-seater sofa that ends in a chaise longue and a vintage coffee table, acquired in antiques. On the floor, an elegant carpet of knots of Moroccan origin. Sofa, by Natuzzi. Cushions, from Ikea.

Delimited lounge areas

Furniture is the only element that closes each room, as seen in the living rooms and dining room. Dining room: table, chairs and lamps, similar in Lou & Hernández. Living room: floor lamp, by El Transformista.

An office in the lounge

The work corner, located in front of the entrance, consists of a desk and an armchair of English scribe reupholstered with fabrics by María Lantero. Desk, by Poltrona Frau.

A clear and spacious kitchen

Simplicity is the great protagonist of the spacious kitchen. The white of the countertop and the low furniture contrasts with the metallic tones present in the handles, the gas cooker itself and the fume hood. White cabinets and shelf, from Ikea. Gas cooker, from Smeg.

Kitchen ornaments

You will give life to a simple kitchen shelf if you put colorful objects on it for their value or for their color, such as these shiny teapots, coffee makers and dairy milk, brought from Morocco, and the cheerful tray purchased at a summer market.

Color notes in the kitchen

On one of the walls was the cold area of ​​the kitchen represented by two refrigerators, one metallic and the other in red that monopolizes all eyes. Between them, a low piece of furniture was placed where a slate rests on which to point the shopping lists. Ceramic floor, Peña Tiles.

Children's bedroom in L

The children's room consists of a rest area, with L-shaped beds purchased in London, and a play and study area. Ikea Latt table and chairs (€ 19.99). Carpet brought from India. Painting by Jorge Biedma.

A black and white bedroom

A leather headboard designed by the owner frames the large double bed on whose sides, black tables were placed in contrast. On one side, comfortable drawers were arranged to store folded clothes and accessories. Chest of drawers Malm, from Ikea (€ 59.99 / unit). White cotton bedding, for sale at Zara Home.

Vintage furniture in the bedroom

Mix fearlessly vintage and modern pieces. They are perfect, as you are located in the master bedroom ... An old box for threads, by Coats Fabra, and the mask-skull of the artist Vicki Fox.

The bathroom, at another height

An impressive Edwardian-style dresser, acquired in London, separates the master bedroom from the bathroom located at a different height. On it, some curious mannequins of headgear, typical of the 50s. Murano glass basins brought from Venice. Polished cement bathtub, proprietary design. Towels and boats, from Zara Home.

Plan and distribution of housing

Project Objectives:
- A lilac paint hand It was the slight transformation that suffered the facade of this house. The capital reform was carried out inside by removing walls in order to get open spaces. The white color on walls and floors was able to fill it with luminosity and recreate the Ibizan style that the owner likes so much.
- The decoration It came from the owner's hand. For this he chose pieces of different styles and trends that he mixed with souvenirs brought from his travels in Africa and India. As for the doors and windows, the genuine ones were respected, only a coat of paint was applied to them in the same lilac with which the facade was painted.