Elegant Christmas table

Elegant Christmas table

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We arrive on time for our appointment at Madrid restaurant Beker6, a film scene with an interior design directed by Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín, decorators of the Cousi studio, and who together with our host, the interior designer and now entrepreneur, Vito Sáinz de Vicuña, will give us the keys to set up a party table .

While the hustle and bustle of unavoidable celebrations on these dates prevails, a reservation becomes our center of operations. In it several tables, so far empty, will be transformed, almost by magic, into an elegant gala table for six people.

Every detail is important, such as the invisible muletón that protects the wooden surface, dressed in a spectacular white thread tablecloth. On it, Alicia and Alba display the exquisite selection of pieces that they have in an interesting set of heights: a low zone, formed by the glassware and the crockery, and a higher one, in which the candlesticks and the vase sculpture in a corner.

In the center, the golden complements They are the focal point. Everything is ready, the dishes wait impatiently for the menu: seasonal Mediterranean cuisine with a different touch, courtesy of the chef's Armenian roots. The table is served!

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Recover, recycle, mix styles ... are the hallmarks of Cousi Interiorismo and all this can be seen at this party table. In it are present the old crockery, the contrast of Christmas colors, the fresh touch of the branches, the intimacy of the candles or that funny wink of the bust vase, from Floral Art L.A.

White tablecloth

Every detail is important, such as the invisible muletón that protects the wooden surface, dressed in a spectacular white thread tablecloth.

Golden Complements

Gold complements are the focal point that blends perfectly with white napkin rings with a red touch.

White crockery with gold trim

The golden touch: the crockery, by Bidasoa, in white with a gold trim, harmonizes with the original cups with animal heads, from El Ocho.

Red glass tumblers

Exquisite selection of pieces that have an interesting set of heights and that mixes the golden and white tones with the striking red glass glasses.

Side table

Table or auxiliary cart: essential to arrange drinks, dishes, bread ... Holly, by María Arte Floral. Cocktail shaker and ice bucket, for sale in El Ocho.

Gold Pineapple Shaped Bucket

The cutlery is from Zara Home and the coasters model Animalia, by Jonathan Adler.

Decorators and restaurant owner

Passionate about the details: seated, Alicia Martín and Alba Hurlé - decorators of Cousi Interior Design - and standing, Vito Sáinz de Vicuña, owner of the Beker6 restaurant (Calle Hermanos Bécquer 6, Madrid).