How to decorate and furnish your comfort zone

How to decorate and furnish your comfort zone

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He living room It is, almost always, the room with greater surface of the house and its size increases with the current tendency to integrate in the same space the hall and the kitchen. Its decoration and distribution raise many doubts and to solve them our best resource is planning. Consider the measures and the floor of the room, as well as the location of windows, viewpoints, radiators, chimney or the presence of columns and pillars with their setbacks, is essential.

Know the characteristics of the room It is the starting point to avoid mistakes such as buying an extra long sofa that does not fit, because it was chosen by eye, or it does fit, but it does not allow to open the access door to the terrace. The size matters, but also respect the passage areas, because when circulating in the living room you should never find obstacles, such as a coffee table so large that it is too close to the sofa - a distance of 40-50 cm is advised - or a side table that interrupts the step to reach the TV cabinet.

Lighting is another issue that is successfully resolved if, previously, it is taken into account what diverse activities are carried out and if it is chosen accordingly. To succeed, several well-distributed light points must be combined to create environments and, even better, install dimmers or dimmers, to adapt it according to personal taste and the amount of natural light that the room has at all times. As for the decoration and the choice of furniture, the rush is not good. The lounge is no longer the space to receive visitors. It is necessary that what surrounds us, from the sofa to the vase, makes us feel good in our house.

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Look in the upholstery datasheet for wear resistance, according to the Martindale test. The values ​​of 15,000 to 25,000 Martindale cycles indicate that the fabric is suitable for daily domestic use and 25,000 to 30,000 cycles, for intense daily domestic use. Cadiz Collection, from Camengo
(from € 56.40 / m)

Disparate sofas

The fusion of styles allows it. This room combines a chester and a vintage-inspired leather design, and each piece retains its hallmarks. Maintaining color homogeneity in textiles and materials such as wood, as was done here, gives cohesion to the environment. From Laura Ashley: sofas (€ 3,060 each); curtain and blind upholstery (61 and 44 € / m); tables (from € 145) and carpet (€ 425).


Try placing the sofa apart from the wall; This is usually the most widely used distribution, but in wide spaces you have the option of looking for another location. So, in addition, you can place a piece of furniture behind it or create another environment.
Sofa (€ 999); tables (€ 149/3); lamp (€ 189) and carpet (€ 169). Everything from La Redoute.

Mustard Tone Sofa

Turn the sofa into the spotlight with a striking upholstery, like the mustard shade of this room. Risky, yes. But also an infallible resource to avoid monotony. Sofa Clark (€ 999.90), tables Trocadéro (79.99 and € 129.90)
and shelving (€ 1,299), by Maisons du Monde.

Film session

How far to put the TV in relation to the sofa? The 4.5 cm per inch ruler helps make a quick calculation of the minimum distance; Thus, a 50 "TV needs approximately 2.25 m of separation, although the distances are being reduced with the increase in resolution in the new models. It is then advisable to know the characteristics of the TV before buying it. From Kavehome: TV cabinet Eunice; It measures 1.74 x 0.45 x 0.56 m (€ 746) and shelving (€ 905).

Practical for image and sound equipment

With cement resin and oak veneer, model Xena, from Pilma; at 1.12 x 0.45 x 0.52 m (€ 722.10).

Sofa bed

Used with common sense, black will give the room an extra dose of character and sophistication. How to get it right? Combined with gray, white and light woods its strength is nuanced, but it maintains its seductive power. The decoration of this room is balanced with the nuances of the gray of the sofa and the carpet, and the brightness that reflect the tables. Effect blow: the large-scale crow's foot cushion and the curve drawn by an arc lamp. Sofa bed Big (€ 1,701); tables Drihxen (€ 309 and € 344); lamp Juhe (€ 194) and carpet Massey (€ 792). Everything from Kavehome.

Functional seats

In many rooms they share space with sofas, alone or with a duo, and act as key elements of the distribution by visually closing the living area. But also, if the floor plan and its surface allow it, they will have all the prominence in a second environment, such as a reading or relaxing corner. Swivel armchair with star leg, similar in BoConcept; Some of his designs are reclining and tilting.

Work corner

In the current rooms, the space is distributed in a living and dining area, but a work corner is also required, with a computer and Internet connection. Changing the color of the wall in that environment or decorating it with a paper, that delimits the space and separates it visually from the previous ones, is a sure bet that also enriches the overall decoration of the room. Kicho Indigo wallpaper, from the firm Villa Nova (€ 83.40 / roll of 10 m).


The sofa is the key piece of the living room but, unless the intention is to create a 100% minimalist environment, choosing some details means raising the decorative level, as happens here. Cushions combined with a country blanket add warmth to the sofa; while mirrors, in apparent disorder, and cluster lamps, give dynamism to the corner. Leather and blanket cushion, from Lexington. Herringbone cushion, from Ixia, in La Mandragora. Mirrors: cane, Kok Maison, and antique gold, La Recova. Lamps, by Mimub.

Letter N

The small details make the difference and, sometimes, a large budget is not necessary to find the decorative piece that gives a new air to the coffee table. Eco and handmade designs are mostly low cost. In this proposal by the interior designer Dafne Vijande, the letter was acquired
in Naluz, and the vase, in Zara Home; but the two details could well be complements rescued from the past: a forge letters from a shop that closed, the vase with some small damage that is hidden with rope ...

Side table

They are an essential support surface for the sofa, but also an excellent base for creating small compositions with charm. A lamp of exquisite design, a vase, a box, ceramics or a decorative figure, are the most used elements to form this type of still life. Avoid saturation, each piece requires a space; If you have many beautiful deco details, rotate them and create varied collages. From Bloomingville: lamp (€ 195); vase (€ 30); box (€ 41); table (€ 259) and armchair (€ 1,299).

Crystal balloons

Clear amber glass balloons with golden arms. Design, by Madam Stoltz, which merges past and present (€ 270.27).

Buttoned Back

In serenity blue, a soft tone that is an indoor trend. Seat Anchor, from Kibuc, with buttoned back (€ 299).

Flowered Cushions

In this environment there are two resources that decorators use with mastery: flowers and cushions. Both are details that give style to the room, when they are chosen correctly. In this case, each reflects a trend in decoration. The less structured floral arrangements, with the appearance of freshly cut flowers, succeed because they give a fresh and casual touch. The cushions show another hit deco: the fabrics with taco effect, worn or washed to the stone. Linen printed from the collection Nomad, from Coordonné (€ 57.27 / m).

Oval shaped table

Oval, with current design. Table Factory, by Lola Derek, in wood, with tubular legs (€ 149).

Sofa with cover

Renew the sofa with a colorful cover. Here the model Karlstad, from Ikea, bears one of the signature made with linen Brera, from Designers Guild (€ 549).

Auxiliary furniture

Ideal to maintain order. Auxiliary furniture Madras, from Pilma; It measures 84 x 45 x 64 cm (€ 605.90).

A new suit

Because the upholstery has worn out; because it has not worn out but there are children at home; because you want to renew the decoration of the room, without changing the furniture; because some colors are preferred in summer and others in winter ... There are many reasons to give a new look to the sofa and with a cover that feels like a glove you get ipso facto. If you enter the Bemz website, you will discover models tailored to many Ikea furniture, plain and patterned. In this photo, individual module Söderhamn with cotton cover Panama, from Bemz (€ 139).

Chaise longue

Perfect to create a corner for reading, music and rest or home theater ... Chaise longue Norsborg, from Ikea, with cover Edum; It measures 1.10 x 1.57 x 0.85 m (€ 330).

Metal table

The dorado, in the right dose, brings sophistication. Metal table Jelva, by Broste Copenhagen, in stone and brass tones (€ 258).


An extra seat for the seating area, which barely takes up space. Pouf London, from TGV Interiores, a recently opened store (from € 215).

Stamped lamp

The chic detail for the side table. Lamp, from Rice, with printed screen (€ 49.90) and Eiffel metal foot (€ 159.90).


A design with a sculptural vocation: center Avtal,
from Ikea (€ 6.99).

Decorative plates

Give a brushstroke of color to the wall with decorative plates. Model Sooji, from Bloomingville (€ 16/3).


Deco objects are woven with golden rods. Lantern, from House (€ 12.99).

Floor lamp

Insufficient lighting ruins the decoration. Floor lamp Crane, from BoConcept (€ 719) and

Star with led

Star with led, from Casa; It measures 38 x 4 cm (€ 12.99).