Model labels with FIMO paste

Model labels with FIMO paste

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- Pasta FIMO Effect, by Staedtler.
- Kitchen roll.
- Fine wire.
- Ruler and cutter.
- Pencil.
- Pliers.
- Seals and molds.
- Talcum powder.

Advertising - Keep reading below FIMO Pasta or polymeric arciclla

FIMO or polymer clay is a modeling material similar to modeling clay that you will find in stationery stores and craft stores in several modalities, depending on its hardness and finish: soft, classic and effect. The latter - used here - is presented with five different effects: phosphorescent, glitter, translucent, metallic and stone

FIMO pasta in package

Prepare all the utensils you will need on a work surface. Remove the paste from the package and work it gently with your hands to heat and soften it. This will make it easier to handle.

Homogeneous and full-bodied sheet

Sprinkle some talcum powder on the table and spread the paste on top. With the help of the roller, work the paste until it becomes a homogeneous and full-bodied sheet.

Strip tracing

Pencil strips wide, about 5 cm. With the help of the cutter, cut them carefully. Save the rest of the remaining pasta.

Molds of different shapes

Use molds of different shapes to make the labels. Place the mold on the pasta and push down until the shape is almost cut. Gradually extract round, starry, square pieces ...

Wire bits

Cut with wire pliers and make washers. Insert a ring at one end of each piece. If you want to decorate them with drawings or letters, moisten the stamps in ink and print them on the paste.

Baked Pasta

Place the pieces separated from each other on a tray. Place the tray in the oven between 110 and 230 ° C for about 30 minutes. Then let them cool well.

Label in flowerpot

A chic touch: you will subtract seriousness from a classic cut flowerpot if you decorate it with a simple label decorated with a petal, a leaf or a graceful butterfly. Tie it around its outline with a string and let it fall gracefully. How simple it will be to renew the appearance of everyday objects!

Customize each wrap

A round gift: personalize each wrapping by choosing a paper related to its recipient, decorate it with colored ribbons and string and insert your FIMO label made with all your love.

Wooden box

Recycling: make a small box with a wooden ribbon, deposit a mini bottle in it and turn it into a delicate bucaro. Tie your handmade tag on its neck.

Pasta in tray

A special detail: if you have an evening in sight, thank the presence of your guests with a souvenir. Make different labels and leave them on top of each position or, better yet, in a tray on the table and that each one chooses the one you like the most!

Star Tag Gift

From now on, your gifts will win in presence. At the careful choice of paper and ribbons with laced FIMO labels made by you. And remember that, in addition, you can lacquer them with acrylic paints or markers, glue several with glue or give them a layer of varnish so that the finish is perfect.