A vase with FIMO pasta

A vase with FIMO pasta

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- FIMO Air Basic modeling paste by Staedtler.
- FIMO laminator or machine to make fresh pasta.
- Circular cutter.
- Sandpaper.
- Glue gun.
- White spray paint.
- Gloss varnish.
- Glass jar.

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Instead of using cake molds and cupcakes classics when cutting pasta, you can use special models that you will find in craft stores with animal shapes, antique frames, cookie bite ... So, your creations will gain in originality.

Press the paste

Press the modeling paste with the fresh pasta machine. Work it to take shape and a thin sheet of about 2 mm thick. You must pass it 5 or 6 times.

Cut circles

Spread the sheet on a silicone mat, to prevent sticking, and cut circles. Help yourself with the pasta cutter. The amount will depend on the size of the bottle (we have cut one hundred).

Drying circles

Let the circles dry several days. Remember that this paste hardens with air. When it is hard, smooth the edges with sandpaper.

Spray varnish circles

In a ventilated place, spray the circles with varnish. To do this, place them apart, one after the other. Lacquer them on one side and then turn them over and wash them on the other. Use spray as it is a simpler and cleaner product. Let them dry. Also, use white spray paint to paint the glass jar.

Glued circles

Glue the circles to the jar using the hot silicone gun. Start from the bottom up in order of rows and place the circles next to each other until you complete a row. Then start a second row by placing the slightly overlapping circles.

Match different colors

Decorate the bottle partially or totally. You can line the bottle halfway and leave the other half flat or, as in this case, cover it completely until it reaches the mouth. If you prefer, combine different colors and give it a more cheerful look. Your vase
You are ready to use it.

No need to bake

This unbreakable and soft paste dries in the air and does not need baking, which facilitates crafts with children.