Paddington, we recreate your British decoration

Paddington, we recreate your British decoration

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Known for his old hat and his passion for jam sandwiches, the paddington bear Take the leap to the cinema, with an adventure movie. Paddington He is the protagonist of this film but also of more than twenty books written by Michael bond in 1958, illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. Translated into more than 40 languages, they are all Bestsellers In United Kingdom Paddington is one of the classic icons of its culture.

Warner Bros makes the adaptation to the bear cinema, with a film suitable for all audiences, directed by Paul king and produced by David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter movies. The cast includes Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville Y Julie Walters

Curiosities: The Paddington bear is a registered trademark, has its own page web, in addition to a physical store at Paddington station in London It also has its own account on social networks ... like Facebook; Twitter and Instagram

Official synopsis: Paddington has grown deep in the Peruvian jungle with his aunt Lucy who, due to a casual encounter with an English explorer, has instilled in his nephew the dream of living an exciting life in London. After an earthquake destroys her home, Aunt Lucy decides to hide her young nephew on a ship to England in search of a better life. When the boy arrives alone at Paddington station, he realizes that the life of the city has nothing to do with what he had imagined, until he meets the Brown, a kind family that finds him with a label around the neck where you can read: "Please, take care of this bear. Thank you." The Browns welcome him in his house while Paddington searches for the famous explorer who left his aunt Lucy marked many years ago. However, soon after, a sinister and attractive taxidermist looks at him, which poses a threat to his home and his own life.

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In any corner of the London house, the color of the walls, wooden furniture and ambient lighting convey warmth. A style that can be recreated with the chair Tare, of El Corte Inglés, and the table Garrat, from Laura Ashley. The modern touch is put by the lamp Cindy, from Kartell.

Alone in the city

Also in complements the bear would be the protagonist in a children's room. On this cushion, the embroidered fabric London Sights Paddington It is a design by Jane Churchill, from the Colefax and Fowler group. For sale in Gastón and Daniela.

Paddington at the station ...

The bear arrives at Paddington station in London, with a suitcase, a hat, a cloth coat, his boots wellington and little else ... The Kare Design chest of drawers, consisting of stacked vintage suitcases, evokes your brief luggage. His red hat would harmonize with the children's suitcases, from El Corte Inglés, and the children's rain boots, from Hunter.

A sweet bear

A Paddington what he likes most are the jam sandwiches ... If you passed by Mama Framboise I would surely be delighted with the croissants and macarons stuffed with exquisite jams !! this boulangerie / pâtisserie French

A full color hall

The Brown family house could have this hall, with a decoration that combines the warm blueberry tone and a print print. Everything, by Laura Ashley.

Flowers on the stairs

On the stairs of the Brown's house, the decoration of the walls stands out. This paper Blossom, from the collection Random Papers, of Coordonné, it would also become a focal point.

Country essence wood

Wooden furniture and upholstery with paintings are not lacking in a decoration British & country Furniture and upholstery, by Laura Ashley.

Made in UK

In this charming children's bedroom British, Peggy Fortnum's beautiful illustrations inspire the collection of fabrics and wallpapers Nursery Tales, by Jane Churchill, from the Colefax and Fowler group. For sale in Gastón and Daniela.

The retro-modern London

British icons par excellence for kids & teens: The flag and the phone booth. Children's armchair Britain and cabin-shaped lamp Pinkplanet they are from Maisons du Monde, and carpets, from Lorena Canals.

Breakfast time

More London icons to recreate the British style: Big Ben, the London bridge with the River Thames, buses, taxis ... They are all here in Cath Kidston's cup.