Loving is forever: we recreate its decoration

Loving is forever: we recreate its decoration

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Also hooked to the series Love is forever? It has everything to like, a lot of mystery, good actors, new stories and decorated yesterday !. The Fruit Square is now wider. The Asturian bar, which gives continuity to the series, remains the place of union of characters and their plots, but new businesses are opened, such as the travel agency La Puntual, the family pension El Hostal La Estrella and the false house of fashions Le Ciel 23. It also opens the Blasco Drugstore, owned by the Blasco family, a family full of secrets, betrayals and passions.

Of course, for the fans of the series, the Gomez and Muñoz families, so endearing, are, precisely as the family! That is why this selection of pieces recreates the style of their homes, not forgetting the office furniture of the time. More information in the if you series officer where you can virtually visit the shooting sets and see the sets.

Advertising - Read on below Amar is forever

Fruit Square, El Asturiano Bar, Marcelino, Pelayo and Manolita ... They sound like you, right? The Serie Love is forever, of Antena 3, continuation of the extinct Love in troubled times, of La 1, continue with their stories, intrigues, betrayals, loves, comings and goings. Of course, in each season there are numerous new actors who join the cast and there are also new sets ... In this selection we recreate the decoration of those times.

Seats with retro look

The scenography team of the Amar series is forever not for ... The living rooms of the Muñoz and Gómez families have been changing but they always had the sofa and armchair set. Many visits to the trail, track in almonedas and antique dealers until you find the most appropriate piece. This couple is the model Twiggy, Pomax signature, with a total retro air.

Charming cushions

The cushions are props fundamental in the series. Those of the time were almost always handmade and, of course, coordinated. Flowers and tapestry fabrics were the most. These two charming cushions country Y vintage They are from Greengate.

Wood, wood ...

The dining room furniture could be like that. The most frequent material, if not the only one in homes then, was wood. Next to the teak sideboard of the 60s, of the English brand G-PLAN and for sale in Indoors, a chair AS 78, of Danish origin, with skay leatherette upholstery, from Objetology. In the two stores there is a great variety of furniture and accessories vintage.

Vintage clock

The watches with Roman numerals are a classic of the time. Nothing of digital clocks, neither with alarms with melody, nor with Internet connection, like those of today ... So, they were stately and distinguished designs, and only indicated the time. The Pomax watch, a replica, could be perfectly in a living room or in an office of Amar's sets is forever.

Lamp yesterday

The lighting before was so different ... Each room was solved with a ceiling lamp and a table lamp, and little else. Many models were manufactured in series, but others handmade. Fun fact: the almonedas and antique dealers know that yesterday's lamps have a lot of pull in the current decoration. Its charm is indisputable. This lamp IL-TCH 72, of Objetology, of Dutch origin, is made of glass.

Characters that come and go

Decades ago there were few differences between coat racks. They were almost always standing, in wood or forge and turned; Of course, they had hat hangers, an essential complement in men's fashion. This retro air coat rack is from Moycor.

And the suitcase? Any new character in the series could arrive with a trunk-like suitcase Atlas, by Maisons du Monde, in aged leather. How many suitcases of this type now decorate the current rooms? Two or three stacked next to the sofa are often seen in airy environments vintage.

Chic side tables

The phones of the time or the lamps are placed on candles like this one. The watchman vintage twist, de Maisons du Monde, is inspired by the designs of the fifties.

Do you prefer an original? In stores such as La Recova, Etxekodeco, El Taller de Chloé, Objetology and Mù, for example, we have seen tables and furniture in a very good state of repair and also other restored ones that maintain their essence.

Decorative plates

The walls of the decorations show colors in a very retro color palette and of course! Family portraits and decorative dishes. The oval fountain Samatra, Vista Alegre, in porcelain, would look splendid in the living room or dining room. It is one of the creations of greater longevity of the brand; Its origin dates back to the fifties.


Do you want to sit down for coffee at El Asturiano's bar and chat with Marcelino or Pelayo? You could feel the same as the characters in the series with this stool, which has a great resemblance to those in the series. It is the Caps model, from Maisons du Monde, with a fluffy seat and metal legs.

Office lighting

The lamps midcentury of the series are deco jewelry from almonedas and antique dealers. Those of the houses arouse interest in its charm, and those of business, for its fashionable design again in today's interior design, which bets on the fusion of styles. In addition, most of these lamps are in perfect condition. This lamp IL-SM 98, of Objetology, is brass.

Mysteries to solve

Large armchairs, upholstered in leather and with masculine air are a basic piece in the offices of decades ago. Such an armchair could be in the set of the detective agency of the series. Seat AS 81, of Objetology, Dutch, with leather upholstery.


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