How I recovered the pajamas that fell to my patio (without leaving home)

How I recovered the pajamas that fell to my patio (without leaving home)

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It has all happened to us at some time, that moment of total panic to see that your favorite garment comes off your hands as it falls slowly and hopelessly into emptiness. Unfortunately it is common, and it will surely happen again. Although the worst is to get to the patio and see that there is no way to enter, that by chance the neighbor who has the key is not at home and that you also casually needed that shirt or that dress to dry as soon as possible.

In my case it was not an emergency, but my favorite pajamas, and as the need sharpens the ingenuity, I am going to tell you the trick that helped me recover my cotton treasure. You will only require three elements (the last one is patience). We start

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You peek quietly to hang clothes, and suddenly, zas! Goodbye pajamas. Don't despair, keep the shoes on because you won't have to move from home to get it back.

What do you need:
- A wire
- Ties or ropes

Choose a wire neither too stiff nor too soft

The choice of wire is important and it will depend a lot on the weight of the garment that you have dropped. For something finite like a pajamas, opt for a middle ground.

Build a hook with the wire

Fold it until you get the shape of a hook, but don't close it too much because it will be harder for you to get hooked on the garment.

Take several ties or ropes

As many as you need, keep in mind that The higher the floor, the more you will use. And we return to the same, if it is a light garment, with the ties you will not need more consistency, but if it weighs more use the ropes.

Tie them

Bind them as hard as you can, it is not going to be that when you are in full task the garment will escape again.

Attach them to the hook

Important, attach them well to the hook because you are going to have to maneuver from the air!

Throw them out the window

Fishing time! Now you need to arm yourself with patience. Throw the ties and the hook through the window until they touch the floor in the area where the garment is, and ... on the hunt!