The reason why quinoa is better than rice

The reason why quinoa is better than rice

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Quinoa or quinoa It is a whole grain that little by little has done with a good number of fans thanks to its gluten-free qualities and its high protein content. Whether you are looking for a substitute for brown rice or simply to catch up with this trend, this basic should already be in your pantry.

Nutritional information of quinoa

1 cup (185 g) of cooked quinoa contains:
- 222 calories
- 4g of total fat
- 0 g saturated fat
- 8g protein
- 39 g of carbohydrates
- 5g fiber
- 2 g of sugar
- 31 mg of calcium
- 3 mg of iron
- 118 mg of magnesium
- 281 mg of phosphorus
- 318 mg of potassium
- 13 mg of sodium

What exactly is quinoa?

Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal, but it has been classified as a whole grain food. Small seeds are cooked like rice or ground in flour. Produced mainly in South America, quinoa has grown rapidly in popularity due to its high protein content. It can be found in breakfast cereals, side dishes, pasta and other recipes.

There are more than 120 varieties of quinoa that vary in color and flavor, and usually have a slight nutty flavor.

Is quinoa good?

Quinoa is a grain rich in protein, fiber, moderate fat, and vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is considered a complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids in the necessary amount. This makes it an excellent choice for vegetarians, vegans or for those who simply want to eat less meat.

What nutritional advantage does it have compared to other grains? It is richer in B vitamins than other grains such as barley, rye, rice or corn. Vitamin B contributes to the metabolic reactions that occur in the body permanently, converting the food we consume into fuel for energy. Eating quinoa can also help reduce LDL or "bad" cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2012 study.

Is quinoa better than rice?

Quinoa, although less popular than rice, may be a nutrient-rich alternative. For a 100 gram serving, quinoa has twice the protein (14 grams versus 7 grams) for about the same amount of calories. It also has 2.5 times the amount of fiber than rice: 7 grams versus 3 grams, respectively.

Without gluten?

Quinoa is a gluten-free food by nature, making it a safe option for celiacs or people with gluten intolerance. In addition, it is richer in folic acid than refined grains such as rice or corn. This vitamin plays a crucial role in neurological and immune functions.

How is quinoa cooked?

The quinoa found in supermarkets is usually already washed (it must be indicated on the packaging), but it is always good to wash it before cooking. This will remove a natural pesticide that is found outside the grains known as saponins Cook it as you would with rice, using two parts of aqua (or broth) for one part of dried quinoa.

Is quinoa the "best" grain?

There are many good reasons to eat 100% whole grains: they are very rich in fiber, they are more sustainable as
- Dishes with the star ingredient: quinoa
- Quinoa with Vegetables

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