Eco-friendly decoration enters your home!

Eco-friendly decoration enters your home!

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The English Court

It seemed a passing movement, but concepts such as respect for the environment, responsibility and reduction of the human footprint have permeated many aspects of our society. And the decoration was not going to be less. Strongly breaks an eco-friendly trend that invites us to recover old pieces, reuse materials and demand sustainable behaviors in the creation of furniture. These pieces are in tune with that philosophy.

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Wood is a natural material that allows us to connect with the environment, as with this colonial-style garden armchair, made of acacia wood. It has an FSC certificate, which guarantees its origin from sustainable forests and lists it as an ecological product. A green friedly piece that adds a sense of well-being to the decoration of your home.

It is available in two versions: Delhi garden armchair, natural color acacia wood and Delhi garden chair, acacia wood and braided rope seat (€ 195).

Details that add up The English Court

Glass is one of the eco materials that is recovering positions in the decorative scene. It brings the ethereal beauty and the naturalness of transparent objects and if, as in this case, it is a recycled piece, in addition to the decorative interest, it adds emotional value to the interior of the house. Water green, this vase of aesthetic hand made, can be a great resource to enrich minimalist environments.
From El Corte Inglés, Recycled Glass Vase Bubbles (€ 12.95).

Wellbeing in the garden The English Court

For comfortable and relaxed outdoor environments, very much in the slow life line that is raging this season, this sofa is the perfect complement to enjoy your quality time outdoors. In tune with respect for the environment, it is made of wood and synthetic fiber and has an FSC certificate, which lists it as an organic product.

From El Corte Inglés, relaxing garden sofa Agra (€ 1,295).

Handmade touch The English Court

A decorative blanket, made of noble textiles, can help create the placid atmosphere you need to relax with a good nap (both at home and in the garden). Of very gentle colors and made by hand, it has the charm of the artisan, the delicate touch of silk, the warmth of wool and the elegance of high quality fabrics. A hand made touch, with a lot of charm, that will highlight the eco style of your home.

From El Corte Inglés, decorative wool and silk blanket Bauhaus (€ 129).

To the natural The English Court

The wooden objects, in addition to transmitting warmth to the environment, highlight the taste for the natural and provide luminosity, especially in its clearest versions. Among them the acacia, a wood of soft tones, flexible and resistant, perfect for outdoor furniture and for cooling interiors.

From El Corte Inglés, Delhi garden side table (€ 65). Ecological acacia wood and FSC certified. It has laminate, oiled natural color and turned legs.

Very eco windows The English Court

In summer it is necessary to change the home textiles for more fresh, light and natural ones such as cotton, linen, bamboo ... Very suitable fabrics for curtains and curtains that will mean energy savings for your home (sift the light and contribute to reduce heat).

In addition to providing the fresh touch, the curtains of the image are a sustainable solution to dress your windows, since their threads have been obtained in a way that respects the environment.
From El Corte Inglés: recycled cotton curtains with Janson pots (€ 39.95).


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