This house is the dream of any gardening lover

This house is the dream of any gardening lover

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There is a new trend, the elegant and sophisticated garden sheds, ideal for when temperatures drop. We talked to landscape architect Susanne Hudson about her lovely greenhouse she calls "The Garden Retreat." It has 55 square meters and is a unique space to do gardening work and put the plants in good shelter when temperatures begin to fall.

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Here you will find me: Planning, planting, pruning, or doing anything else related to gardening.

Susanne tells us: I will never get tired of the chosen green color (Tarrytown Green from the firm Benjamin Moore) It was difficult to find a color that stood out and at the same time merged with the environment, but it succeeds perfectly.

Super bright interior

I also like: Sit here on a rainy day and reread old gardening books.

Charming corners

My inspiration in three words: French countryside

A fairy tale

Details: The side entrance has a sliding barn door and is wider so you can enter with a wheelbarrow.

Passion for gardening

I'm good at it: Hydrangeas are my center of attention. I am a handyman with them.

Glass walls

Count of recovered windows: 139, in addition to five French doors. I myself have been collecting them for three years and personally I have been planning their placement as a giant puzzle.

A very natural decoration

My best find: An old door that I have turned into a French-style mirror.

A relax lounge

Here, the magic hour is: The afternoon! With the lanterns and oil lamps, it shines like a small jewelry box, all lit.

Via: House Beautiful US


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