Everything you can do with cork stoppers

Everything you can do with cork stoppers

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Empty jam jars, cork stoppers scattered around the kitchen drawers ... does that sound like you? Well, you're in luck, because the decorative possibilities of cork stoppers are endless, so it's time to start saving them for a more artistic purpose. Here are some ideas to get your creativity going. To work!

1. Bath mat

Functional and aesthetic in equal parts, with this idea you will get a safe space when leaving the shower, goodbye to slips!

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2. Pots

This idea is specific for craft experts. The pot is the most stylish, and also, you can build it on the porch or terrace while enjoying the sunset and, why not ?, a glass of wine.

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3. Coasters

Something simple to do if it is the first time you face this type of crafts, it is a coaster.

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4. A crown

Although it is one of the simplest ideas, you can use the crown for a lot of things. For example, as a decorative element by adding flowers and herbs (better if they are false).

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5. Candle holder

Small candles, hot glue, string cords and a lot of corks: this is what you need to get these rustic style candle holders so ideal. They don't convince you? Here are eight other ideas.

6. Mini pots

Is there anything more adorable than a mini cork pot? Also, you only need 15 minutes to do them!

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