Twelve ideas to present the cutlery on the table

Twelve ideas to present the cutlery on the table

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We have found all these ideas on Pinterest. Most are proposed. do it yourself With a lot of charm. Get inspired!

And if you want to know how the cutlery speaks, click here.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A curl with napkins and flowers Folded napkin

As a "sachet" for cutlery.

Burlap bag with lace

DIY: burlap bag with trim strip.

Paper and rope lace

A paper lace rolls the cutlery. To fix them: a piece of string.

Linen or burlap in strip

As a "cutlery path." A strip wrapped around the cutlery. Put a label with the name of the diner on the string.

In a little bag With washi tape

Decorate wooden or plastic cutlery with strips of washi tape

In an individual tablecloth pocket Delicate sachets

A perfect idea for buffet meetings.

Logo bag

A cloth bag embroidered with a stamp or an image with ink, printed type buffer, or embroidered.

Depending on the size of the bag you can also introduce a paper napkin.

Custom Wooden Handles

No one will lose your cover.

Special occasion

Ties, trimmings and label.


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