15 ideas to renew the headboard and reinvent your bedroom

15 ideas to renew the headboard and reinvent your bedroom

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Kave Home

When we think about the bed of our dreams, we usually imagine a very comfortable mattress with soft sheets and fluffy cushions ... But what about the headboards? They grant a huge character and personality to the bedroom, and they can also become very functional. There are all styles: romantic, bohemian, classic ... Do you dare to discover them?

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Headboard with storage La redoute

Book lovers will find in this headboard Nordic style piece of your dreams. And it is that thanks to their indoor and outdoor shelves, they won't need even tables!

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2 Wicker sweet La redoute

In the distance it seems of forge, but if you approach, you will realize that it is a beautiful white wicker headboard. Only suitable for very sweet souls!

Buy now 174,30 € in La Redoute.

3 Art Deco headboard La redoute

If you want to relive the wonderful 20s in your bedroom, start by choosing a velvet headboard like this from rosewood and air art deco. Movie theater with a floral bedding!

Buy now 247,20 € in La Redoute.

4 exotic airs Kave Home

Adding an exotic point to your bedroom will not only make it more attractive, it will also help you find a natural connection without leaving home.

East wooden headboard is coated with a coconut mosaic, and it's the detail you were looking for. From Kave Home

Buy now 315 € on Amazon

5 Basic The English Court

Inspired by Japanese philosophy, this smooth wooden headboard It's all you need to enjoy a peaceful and comforting dream.

Buy now 149 € in El Corte Inglés.

6 Raw Pinterest: The Broken Wallet

If you are looking for a natural style between rustic and boho, choose a untreated wooden headboard and join the fever raw! Combine it with some ethnic patterned cushions to get the look full.


7 Wallpaper Pinterest: Romanecas

As witty as original! A style bedroom vintage where the wallpaper also acts as a headboard. How about? We love.


8 Mandala Pinterest: Natalie Šťastná

A bedroom with such good vibes deserves a headboard where you can hang photos of your favorite memories... And if you hang it on branches it will be much more natural.

And if you choose one bedding full of floral mandalas like these, why say more!

Buy Duvet Cover 69,99 €

9 Headboard with shelf Pinterest: Valeria

If you don't have the headers to use, a ledge how is this going to give you so much game, because you can not only place your photos, but also a garland of lights! Doesn't it look great?

Buy Garland of 20 LED's 13,99 €

Look how to do it yourself: HOW TO CREATE A LAMAS HEADER?

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10 Romantic Pinterest: Wanda Lis Gar

Sometimes, grace is in the small details, and this heart-shaped ornament as a headboard It is simply beautiful.

To buy 10,99 € Heart with lights.

11 Wabi-Sabi Pinterest: Pam Stringer

A old wooden door it will give your bedroom an air Wabi-Sabi Very original thanks to the contrast of styles.

Take note of the mixture to get the balance between naturalness and sophistication.

To buy 49,90 € Vinyl old door.

12 Classic Pinterest: Irene

Yours are the classic bedrooms? Well a pink upholstered headboard with the bedding and the wall in golden tones, it will be feminine and chic in equal parts!

To buy 4,99 € Cushion cover with gold prints.

13 With old windows Pinterest: Sherri Slusser-Raach

We have seen a headboard made with an old door, but ... you had thought of use windows? Of course, if they are how you are, the result is impact!

To buy 468,99 € Decorative fake window.

14 To sleep as a couple Pinterest: RockyNat

More clear, impossible! With this headboard that is over usurping the space to the other ...

Best of all, you can do it yourself, you only need a headboard of wood panels and a little paint to add your names to each side.

To buy 91,99 € head of the Movian series.

15 Photo Gallery Pinterest: Irene Bianchi

A black and simple headboard It is perfect to turn the upper area into a photo gallery ... Obviously, in black and white! Let them prepare flashes

To buy 39,99 €