The best beds for your pet

The best beds for your pet

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Who would not have ever changed for his pet? Our animals spend most of the day in their beds sleeping as if there was no tomorrow. And although we pique the envy when we leave them in these angelic positions while we get up early to go to work, what is certain is that they deserve to rest with all the comfort possible. Therefore, we have prepared this list for you: a selection of the most beautiful and original beds To make the dreams of your dog or cat, a real delight. To start, we bring you the bed of the main photo, to make your cat a little mouse, who would say it! We keep seeing more?

I'm going to be a lion king ...

This cave is cute for your cat to feel like a lion in the jungle. Because, in short, he is the king of your house.

Leegoal House for Cats Interior, Luxury Bed for Cats / Small Dogs / Pet, Animal Shape Design, Washable and Warm Igloo Cave for Pets in Winter (Small, Medium, Large) leegoal € 23.27 Buy

For speed fans

For the most accelerated, those who find it difficult to stop until they sleep, we have this two-seater bed to live dreams at 100 km / h.

OtdAir Linda Cozy Dog Bed, Dog Mat, comfortable and washable padded basket for dogs, 27.6 OtdAir Buy

Yum Yum Yum…

Attention: your dog has been eaten by a shark!

KiKa Monkey Soft Removable Cushion Gray Shark Bed For Small Cats Cave Bed For Dogs Big Smoothie Creative Pet Beds Bottom Waterproof More Beautiful Pet House Pet Gift (M, Shark) KiKa Monkey € 16.99 To buy

For the most flamingos

Lovers of the moles, here you have a cute little bed for your faithful friend.

JUNGEN Pet Bed Soft and Cozy Dog Bed Comfortable Dog Mat Pet Cat, 36 * 30cm (Blue) JUNGEN 1,71 € Buy

For those who prefer heights

Here they will feel like hanging from a branch ...

Jiyaru Cat Window Mount Bed Hammock Hammock Bed for Pets Sunny Seat Washable Cover Bed Jiyaru 15,51 € Buy

For the most romantic

This bed-cabin is ideal for those owners with a more romantic deco.

Generate Pet Supplies Dog Spoons Toy Houses Animal Tents Cat Beds with Thick Cushions White-24inch Generate Buy

For the little ones

This white crib is the perfect nest for our pets when they are puppies. An ideal hole to feel very clothed.

Kerbl Sleeping Nest Sharon - Crib, White, 50 cm Kerbl 17,99 € Buy

The throne of your dog

For larger dogs, in this large bed-mat they will not have problems to stretch comfortably.

LA VIE Round Pet Sofa Bed Claw Shape Cute Dog Basket with Removable Cushion Home Comfortable Nest Bed for Cats and Dogs M in Brown LA VIE 29,99 € Buy Giphy