Air conditioning equipment that is integrated into the deco

Air conditioning equipment that is integrated into the deco

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Of the air conditioning It depends that in the hot months in warm areas you can be well and comfortable, or not, at home. But it is also a key installation to improve the quality of life indoors. If the temperature reached in the home is high, it must be fought, as is the case with low temperatures. Among the options for refrigerate / condition a home, The demand for split-type air conditioning is growing due to its easy installation, which hardly requires works, since it is composed of an outdoor unit or compressor and an indoor unit, connected by a refrigerant tube. Is named multi split when the indoor units are two or more. But this system also has other advantages: most devices incorporate the technology Inverter, to consume less energy, and the most advanced are efficient and have functions that greatly reduce energy consumption.

- Turbo. With this function the environment reaches the desired temperature very quickly. The device will return to normal operation about 30 minutes later.
- Sleep function. Avoid excessive cooling during nighttime rest. The temperature is adjusted gradually and automatically to achieve user comfort while sleeping and save energy.
- Presence sensor. When it detects the absence of people, the energy saving function is activated.
- Purifying filters: With a purification system at various stages, a purer and healthier environment is achieved by eliminating almost all harmful elements for humans such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens.
- Silent mode. The more advanced have a low noise level; In addition, they incorporate this option to reduce the sound level of the outdoor unit up to 3 dB.
- Other functions: automatic adjustment of the air flow and orientation of the slats, depending on the temperature variation; self-cleaning, which cleans the filters, and self-diagnosis, in case something fails, the device shows the error to the user to make the solution easier and faster.

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The surface, the orientation, the insulation of the house and the climatic zone where it is located are key factors to know what power the air conditioning equipment should have. As important as the calculation of power is to succeed with the location of the device and make the installation correctly; That is why it is recommended that it is only done by professionals. Reformation, Alejandra Pombo.

Split with remote

The usual thing is to always use the same buttons on the remote, but doing so does not take full advantage of the split since they stop using functions and benefits of the equipment. For example, those of Fujitsu, in the image, have the function Economy, which allows you to adjust the operation of the air conditioner to 70% without reducing the ambient temperature too much and thus achieve greater energy savings. From the basic button of Mode, the user can activate the mode AUTO-Automatic, COOL-cooling Y HEAT-heating, but there are two more, which many times are not taken into account: the mode DRY-Dehumidification Y FAN-Ventilation.

How to save on consumption

- In the summer months The optimal indoor temperature is 25-26ªC. Each grade below supposes between 6-8% more energy consumption.
- Splits have a function Turbo (name varies by manufacturer) that is used to quickly cool a room. If instead of using this function, you choose to set the thermostat to a temperature below the desired temperature, the power consumption will trip. Architect, Ana Hernández Alesanco.

Inverter Technology

Spectrum slide, model ltfrom FUJITSU. With Inverter technology, energy label A +++ and low noise level of 21dBA. Its advanced features include Human Sensor or motion detector, thanks to which the device is activated or deactivated depending on the presence or not of people in the room, to promote energy savings. More functions: dehumidification, time programming, sleep automatic disconnection… A plus of this split with heat pump: its ultra-compact design
and avant-garde with satin finish.

Keep the house cool

The best way to save on air conditioning is to keep your home protected from outside heat with good insulation. Thus, the savings in heating in winter is also notable. Enter the website of Isover, a leader in insulation solutions, to discover all the advantages of insulating a home, such as thermal and acoustic comfort and energy savings.

Split with heat pump

Serie etherea, from PANASONIC. With heat pump, technology Inverter and energy classification A ++ in hot and cold air, incorporates the Econavi sensor system, which detects sunlight and human activity, and achieves an additional saving of up to 38% in refrigeration. The system, which is activated and deactivated for convenience, modifies its behavior automatically, without affecting comfort. It also has the system Nanoe-G, that purifies in 99% the bacteria, virus and mold of the environment, but also those present on the surface of the furniture. It can be controlled from Smarthpone, tablet and computer.

Programmable split

Serie slide lM, OF FUJITSU. Compact design, with only 20.3 cm depth, Inverter technology and A ++ energy efficiency, is available in 4 powers, between 1,720 and 3,440 kcal / h. To highlight one of its benefits: the function Powerful o operation at maximum power, which allows the equipment to work for 20 minutes under conditions of maximum air flow and maximum compressor speed to achieve comfort in the room in the shortest possible time. In addition, it has automatic weekly programming, an ion filter that neutralizes odors, an antibacterial filter, a low noise level with only 21 dBA and the removable front of its indoor unit is easy to wash. It is a split with heat pump, which supplies cold or heat, as appropriate. For more information,

Split with wi-fi

SAMSUNG H series. Heat pump with technology Inverter and energy classification A ++
In hot and cold air, its triangular design allows a wider air intake, a larger fan and optimization of the air outlet angle to improve the distribution. Has technology Smart Wi-Fi to control the climate control via Wi-Fi inside and outside the home. Also incorporates
the filter Easy Filter, to clean the air, which retains and removes suspended particles, and technology Virus Doctor, to purify the environment, which neutralizes and actively removes contaminants in space.

Split with ionizer

Model Artcool Crystal Mirror, from LG. It is a split with heat pump that has energy efficiency A ++ in cooling and A +, in heating. With Inverter technology - without stops or sudden starts - it stands out for its low sound level (19 dB). It incorporates the ionizer Plasmaster, to eliminate dust and bad odors, and a multi-protection filter that eliminates germs in 99% and viruses and allergens in the air in 95%.