Do you remember the series 'Forced Fathers'? Well look at the house and hallucinate

Do you remember the series 'Forced Fathers'? Well look at the house and hallucinate

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Full house

The decade of the nineties gave a lot, but as far as television is concerned, the list of successes is innumerable. Although if we had to keep a series that we all took special care, it would be, without a doubt, Forced parents.

In fact, such was the pull of the adventures of the Tanner family, which a few years ago, Netflix launched the spin-offcalled Forced Mothers (The truth is that they could have worked a little more the title).

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But going back to the original series, talk about Forced parents is to talk about its stage: an impressive Victorian house in San Francisco, with the entrance door painted in red, which seemed to house endless rooms inside. Well, infinite no ... exactly, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1 toilet.

How do we know? Because in 2016, the executive producer of the series, Jeff Franklin, decided to buy the iconic mansion and reform it to adapt it to the new times. Now, after the spectacular change, the producer has put it on sale for about 5,300,000 euros, and we have taken the opportunity to gossip every corner (with rhyme and everything). Join us to see her!

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No, unfortunately, the entrance door is no longer red. Now it's dark, but still keeping its charm intact. The Agency

Built in 1883, the house has been renovated with an elegant and modern style, maintaining the high ceilings and the original architectural details of the facade. Like fresh out of a story!

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But if this were not enough, in the outdoor area awaits a beautiful English-style garden ... with dining room included!

The Agency

And now, don't miss the video tour of the house ...

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