Ecological windows

Ecological windows

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Fundamental elements in any home, the windows provide natural light and ventilation, in addition to connecting the house with the outside. But they are also the weak point of the facade from an energy point of view. It is very likely that the old ones do not provide optimum thermal insulation, which leads to a higher consumption of heating and air conditioning. Therefore, when renovating the windows or projecting a terrace enclosure, it should be done with criteria of aesthetics and energy efficiency.

The objective is choose windows with a carpentry and glazing that limit energy demand.
In the window, the element that occupies the largest area is glass. In new construction and renovations, since the 1990s the use of double glazing has been generalized due to the thermal and acoustic insulation they provide to the interior. However, according to data from ASEFAVE, Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light Facades and Windows,, since 2007, the glass under emissive or of thermal isolation reinforced (ATR) for its advantages: greater energy savings and greater sense of comfort inside. Other solutions that complement the windows and improve the efficiency of the house are the sun protection elements, such as blinds with maximum insulation and sealing, awnings, overhangs, setbacks ...

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Sliding, swinging, guillotine, tilt-and-turn, pivoting, tilting ... For each window, there are one or more recommended opening types. Before choosing, find out about options on specialized pages, such as The most common opening in a kitchen, but not the only one, is the sliding one because it does not affect what is on the countertop, including the sink spout tap.

Window Materials

The carpentry of the windows can be PVC, aluminum, wood or mixed, with aluminum and wood; In addition, both in aluminum and PVC, there are "wood" colors. You can find all the information on the Kömmerling and Technal website.

Panoramic windows

They are large windows, most of them with fixed glass, which fuse interior and exterior and frame the landscape. The tendency in architecture is to reduce to the maximum the thickness of the carpentry.

Orientation and measurements of the windows

To select the best glazing, you have to know the properties of the glass and take into account the location, orientation and measurements of the windows. In this image, with double glazing SGG Climalit Pllus, of Saint-Gobain Glass, the house reaches a level of insulation up to three times greater than a double basic glazing. More information on efficient glass and the double glazing SGG Climalit Plus of reinforced technical insulation in


Two glass fronts provide a more complete view of the landscape in this house. Its design combines fixed glass in the center and practicable doors on each side.

Bedroom window

The aesthetics and the measures of the window were maintained in this reform, but new sliding and folding shutters were installed, to guarantee privacy and avoid direct sun. A plus of security: the lock on the window handle.


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