An old farmhouse from the 14th century

An old farmhouse from the 14th century

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This house, which is part of a former 14th century farmhouse, is located within the old town of the town of Madremanya, in Girona. Its owners reformed it to make it Can bassa, a charming rural accommodation. In origin, it had neither bathrooms nor kitchen; It only had a few rooms, distributed over three floors, where, according to the owners, the day laborers who worked in the fields that the farmhouse had at a very distant time could have slept. To preserve its rural essence, the rehabilitation was respectful of the original stone walls, although some were demolished to expand the dining room and living area, and others were painted to gain clarity.

All ceilings and floors were reinforced and their structure it was thermally isolated to enjoy optimal comfort inside. Finished the works and placed the beams in their natural finish, after sanding and treating them, it was time to turn the rooms into cozy environments. In all of them, the simplicity of the Rustic style and the fusion between furniture and upholstery in light and tan tones with mud pavement, walls and beams. All this composes a serene and evocative scenario, in harmony with its surroundings.

To enjoy more of that landscape and feel closer to the presence of the mountains of Les Gavarres, the owners decided to locate the living room on the second floor of the house, so that the old dryer, also located there, is now a terrace with formidable views. With the abandoned loft -located on the top floor and accessed by a trapdoor and a ladder- a great job was also done. It was conditioned to place a bedroom with two beds there and a staircase was built to make your access more comfortable. This new environment is undoubtedly very special since, by maintaining the stone walls and the wooden ceiling and beams, it seems to be transformed into a cozy and warm mountain retreat.

Can bassa Avenida Gavarres, 10. Madremanya (Girona).
Information telephone: 648 100 001.

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In the rehabilitation of this house the original stone facade and a large part of the walls have been preserved; but other elements, very damaged, were replaced by demolition materials from other farmhouses in the area.

A natural room

The beams and the clay floor bring authenticity to the living room, faithful to the rustic style. In its decoration, natural textures prevail, which gain relief with the intense clarity. In the center, a carpet provides warmth and, next to the walls, offers a large surface that increases the luminosity. Floor lamp, by Luzio. Gray blanket, from Sia. Carpet, from Francisco Cumellas.

Personal details decorate the living room

The trips they made have left an indelible mark on these leather and cloth suitcases; their wear makes them pieces with a lot of charm and decorative value. But they are still practical, stacked are used as a side table and they can store blankets, controls, magazines ... Suitcases, from India & Pacific. Cup and saucer, from Sia.

Stylish details

A painting, a custom pouf with rustic upholstery and retro suitcases have an impact on the decoration of the living room; they transform it into a dynamic space and of greater visual interest. Table and pouf, by Lu-Ink. Sofa and curtains, from Ikea. White cushions, from India & Pacific, and pictures, from Coriumcasa. Lamp, from India & Pacific. Mesa, by Toca Fusta.

An outdoor corner

The living room terrace, former dryer, is protected between the roofs of the house and offers wonderful views of the mountains of Les Gavarres. It is accessed through large sliding doors, painted in an olive green that blends into the landscape.

The terrace

Braided fiber chairs, by Luzio. Chest, acquired in a brocanter. Cushions, from India & Pacific.

Visual continuity

A large arch allows the incredible natural light of the living room to arrive before this dark space. With its proportions, it also indicates that the dining room has the same importance as the living area and also contributes to creating a feeling of greater breadth. Silverware and silver bucket, from India & Pacific. On the shelves, decorative letters and bull's head, by Lu-Ink.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen door was removed and instead a large opening was opened that makes the circulation with the dining room more fluid. In the background, the front of the sink stands out, tiled with blue pieces, recovered from a bathroom. Upstairs, in the foreground, the forging lamp with transparent glass beads and plum becomes a feminine and sophisticated detail in contrast to the stone walls. Lamp, inheritance. Tray, from India & Pacific. Stool, by Little House. Sink, by Ikea.

Intimate and personal bathroom

Thanks to the vault that forms the ceiling, a pleasant feeling of intimacy was created in the bathroom. Sheltered by the walls, the built-in furniture with built-in washbasin, next to the retro faucet and the olive green window, make up an evocative country house atmosphere. Natural light in contact with the stone gives the walls more decorative value. Antique marble washbasin, from Otranto.

Calm bedroom

The wooden walls and furniture recovered and skated in white provide clarity in the master bedroom. In it, the clay vaults of the roof and the flooring provide warmth and texture. Cushions, from Coriumcasa. Green bedspread, from Viva Bombay. Armchair and carpet, by Luzio.

A charming refuge

The old dovecot, which preserves all the masonry walls, became a charming bedroom. With all the furniture patinated in the same tone to achieve homogeneity, the atmosphere is energized with the variety of textiles. Pink quadrants, from India & Pacific. Printed cushions and pouf, by Lu-Ink. Bedspreads made with a fabric from Güell Lamadrid.

How to accentuate the charm

Renewing all the furniture in the bedrooms with a clear patina was a success because, although the woods are different, a chromatic cohesion is created according to the tone of the walls.
Textiles are key to reinforcing the rustic style in the living room and rooms. From thick knitted blankets to sackcloths and upholstery of paintings, through retro prints ... In the country houses more than in others, the fabrics are to see and touch. Perfect in the master bedroom, the vintage quilt, which sings with the green window.


Can bassa
Avenida Gavarres, 10. Madremanya (Girona).
Tel: 648 100 001. FLAT


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