14 solutions to tidy up the house in one day

14 solutions to tidy up the house in one day

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Advertising - Read on below 1 Hide the cables

Nothing spoils the decoration as much as the wires of all the appliances throughout the room. The blogger of Hi Sugarplum! Use tiny adhesive hooks to camouflage them and avoid possible entanglements by "gluing" the cable wires on the back of the furniture.
Photo: Hi Sugarplum!

2 The worst kitchen drawer

You will need less than an hour to order it, if you ask yourself these two questions: Has it been more than a month since I used this? Do I have something else that works better? If the answer to both is "yes," get rid of it. If not, look for a new place where it is more functional.
Photo: Getty

3 Eliminate mess in the bedroom

In order to make your rest space as serene as possible, take a day to examine what you keep. Things like old technology, the books you've read, and the clothes you never wear, have to go out.
Photo: Getty

4 The pillow problem

Too many pillows and cushions in bed? Use a wicker basket as they tell us in the I Heart Organizing blog.
Photo: I Heart Organizing.

5 Get more out of the door

Use shoe organizers to expand storage space in your home. You can store hair accessories, makeup, school supplies, and much more in them.
Photo: Kathleen Kamphausen

6 Makeup under control

If your toiletries are a headache, we have the solution. Order your brushes in an upright position with coffee beans, arrange the eyeshadow on a tray of ice cubes and nail polish enamel in a small round fishbowl.
Photo: Kathleen Kamphausen

7 Simplify laundry day

The author of Sand and Sisal created a folding table on the laundry baskets to classify each garment, so each family member takes care of their clean clothes and allows them to fold and store them themselves.
Photo: Sand & Sisal.

8 Take control of the pantry

Don't miss your favorite spices behind cereal boxes. Spend an afternoon giving your pantry a makeover with glass jars, baskets and trays.
Photo: Classy Clutter

9 Pan Hooks

Why let those heavy kitchenware fall on your toes, when there are so many smart solutions? You can hang them on a towel rail on the side of the kitchen cabinet, you just have to install an organizer like this, or more.
Photo: The 2 Seasons.

10 Throw away the papers you don't need

The author of the Passion for Savings blog says that the best way not to lose important documents among all the paperwork is to limit the papers you file, and avoid keeping bank statements for three years.
Photo: Passion for Savings.

11 Double the capacity of your closet

Simply duplicate the hangers with the help of a tin ring, as explained in the blog The Shabby Creek Cottage, so you will occupy half the space.
Photo: The Shabby Creek Cottage.

12 Use more detergents

And it's not like you're going to clean the counters every night. Simply make spray bottles more accessible. Trust us, if you organize all your cleaners, it will cost you half to use them.
Photo: A Thousand Words.

13 Organize your invoices

Sometimes you may not have time to sit down and order all the new papers. So, instead, put organizers in the space of the house that you use most frequently, as we propose in Organizing Home Life, so you can temporarily save all paperwork.
Photo: Organizing Home Life.

14 Controlled plastic bags

If the super bags are piled up and occupy many drawers, store them in empty tissue boxes for a practical and compact solution, as the creator of Grow Creative did. Bags that don't fit in the box go to the trash.
Photos: Grow Creative.


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