Ideas to decorate with legacy pieces a current home

Ideas to decorate with legacy pieces a current home

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The difference between an old dish and a old piece it lies in the look with which the observer contemplates it. An old-fashioned hat can be the retro touch Give personality to the dressing room. A rusty cage, painted in white or pink, may become the romantic flowerpot you are looking for. The old typewriter, next to a sign with a message - like the one in photo n. 3, from Deco & Living-, will attract the eyes on a sideboard. And who knows if, under a coarse wicker, the ugly carafe of wine hides a delicate glass ladyish lady.

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The old editions, with leather bindings and small damages caused by time, have a lot of charm. Place a couple of books on a side table, horizontally to appreciate the thoroughness of the cover. Add a retro lamp and you will have a reading corner with character

Retro coffee can

Each piece is a starting point, but you may use it better together. For example, loose, the cups in the image on the left were funny. But on a matching painted drawer, as a tray, and a retro can bought in store, the composition is round.


Typically, an inherited piece can no longer perform the function for which it was created. But, located in the right place, it will play a masterful decorative role. Take it and test how it looks on the bedside table, on a nightstand, on the windowsill ... It will surprise you!
Some pieces are linked to memories of the past. And, just for that, it is worth rescuing them. In You'll find ideas to update them.

Old scale

Any old saucer scale can be renewed if you paint the structure, usually black, in a different color. White will add light to the kitchen, while shades like pastel pink, light blue or mint green will brighten the mood. Place bay leaves or parsley branches on the saucer, and you will give the space a homely feel.

Old desk

Sometimes the dark wood finishes of the inherited pieces seem too solemn for a current home. But if you paint them in a bold color, they will fit more easily. The one in the image was painted in fluorine pink, and combined with a flexo of industrial aesthetics, from the firm Vical Home. Desk and lamp purchased at Jessica Bataille.

Old milkmaid

The old aluminum milkmen evoke the time when, before pasteurization and Tetra Brik, each one went to the dairy with its container in search of freshly milked milk. On this windowsill, the vision of one of them in the company of a retro kettle produces a pleasant feeling of nostalgia. You will find old household parts in www.objetosantiguos.es

Vintage fan

Even small old appliances have their place. A vintage fan rises to the category of decorative object if it is placed on a sideboard, as if it were a vase. If it does not work, cut the cable: it does not contribute anything and will affect its appearance. In www.vintage50.es They sell pieces from the 50s and 60s.

Quartered leather armchair

An armchair with skin cracked by the passage of time is the latest fashion! So your old legacy armchair can't be more trendy. Complete it with a cushion that is trending - for example,
stamped with a flag or a phrase- and with a woven wool blanket. Those in the image are from Filocolore.